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What are you Buying: Body Image and the Media

Today the product people buy has little to do with the product, and instead what the customer gets from it. The media has done an amazing, almost unbelievable, job marketing the beauty industry. On February 20th, Christina Hruby, a counselor from the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, came to Mines to discuss the issue of Body Image in a talk, “What are you Buying: Body Image and the Media.”

AMS: Ultra cold physics

Dr Lincoln Carr, a genial fedora-and-scarf-wearing physics professor here at Mines, visited the applied math department to deliver a talk on his research into the fascinating and complex world of ultra-cold physics. While he is an engaging speaker, and the things he discussed were cutting-edge, the complexity and esoteric nature of the information involved ensured that a layman was all but lost for the majority of the talk. Herein the reporter attempts to make approachable a sort of wizardry which only a mathematician or a theoretical physicist can ever truly grasp. A mathematician looks at one of the nonlinear differential equations presented during the talk and sees its pieces laid out before her in real-world terms, just as a musician sees sheet music and hears a tune; but a layman looks at the same equations and might as well be trying to read cuneiform.

AMS: The theory of peridynamics

The theory of peridynamics is a fairly new idea, having only been first suggested by Stewart Silling of Sandia National Laboratories in 2000. However, it has been garnering more and more interest from those in both mathematics and material science as of late for its apparent ability to do something that has never been done before: Provide an accurate model for the phenomena of fracture dynamics. In her presentation at this week’s installment of the AMS Department’s colloquia series, Prof. Petronela Radu of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln explained in further detail what peridynamics are, how this theory works, and what its further applications could possibly be.


Monuments Men pulls its punches

The Monuments Men is a historical film about a squad of men brought together during World War II to rescue stolen art from the Nazis. It stars a number of excellent veteran actors, including George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, and Jean Dujardin, the Academy Award-winning star of The Artist. The acting is therefore quite good (naturally), and the plot of the movie is an interesting, little-known bit of true life, but the movie falls short of its full potential. Spoiler alert, this piece contains facts critical to the movie.


“The Lone Ranger” has multiple personalities

“From the team that brought you Pirates of the Caribbean,” the poster proclaims, comes The Lone Ranger. In other words, Jack Sparrow as a Comanche shaman. Starring Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow, Sweeney Todd) as Tonto and Armie Hammer (the Winklevoss twins from The Social Network) as the title character, this is a movie where every Native American character is played by an actual Native American… except the most important one.

Julia Lipnitskaya in the Olympics

With the Olympics currently being televised and talked about almost constantly, there is always something new and fascinating to hear about. Recently in the Olympic world of figure skating, there is a new name catching everyone’s attention. That name is Julia Lipnitskaya. She is a Russian figure skater who is just fifteen years old. She is the youngest figure skater to ever win a gold medal at the Olympics and achieved this just a few weeks ago. Almost everyone who witnessed her skating at the Olympics can verify that she showed some truly impressive feats.

Greek Week 2014

This Wednesday marks the beginning of the Mines Greek community’s annual Greek Week event. Fraternities and sororities come together to participate in social events and competitions that encourage friendships between the different houses and promote pride in Greek life in general. Here are the events for the week:

The best fro-yo fo-sho

Frozen yogurt is pretty much the best thing ever. Froyo is delicious, and then when the toppings are added, the yum factor goes off the scale. For the health nuts, this magical treat will also be appealing. The probiotics in yogurt help with digestion, and some studies even say weight loss, but if one puts a pile of toppings on their froyo creation, the weight loss claim may be a little less true. Frozen yogurt is delicious and nutritious and Golden is lucky enough to have one of the best frozen yogurt shops: Goozell Frozen Yogurt & Coffee.

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