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EMi Open House

Since 1974 there has been a place for any student wanting to do research work in the field of excavation here at the Colorado School of Mines in the form of the Excavation Engineering and Earth Mechanics Institute (EMI). The institute’s extensive laboratory and computing facilities were opened its laboratory to the general public for an open house during Alumni Weekend. The open house allowed visitors to view laboratory testing equipment as well as talk with staff and student researchers about the work they are currently doing.


White Fang

“White Fang” is a classic 1906 novel by American author Jack London. The eponymous character, through whose eyes most of the action is seen, is three parts wolf, one part dog, and all parts extraordinary.

Wes Anderson Is Possibly the Best Director Alive

Director Wes Anderson’s latest movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” is in theaters right now, but his unique filmography is well worth watching in entirety. Anderson has released eight full-length films. He tends to re-use actors: the Wilson brothers, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman show up in nearly every one of his movies, his films’ scores are all written by either Alexandre Desplat or Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh, and once he snags an actor, it is likely that actor will show up again in a later film, even if only in a cameo role. While the subject matter varies widely, his movies share a fascinating cinematographic style and a quirky, funny, slightly dark but heartwarming mood.


Mindful Meditation Workshop

Meditation is an incredible tool for strengthening the mind and body. Last week Lindsay Gonzalez lead a Meditation Workshop put on by BeWell and Student Activities. The workshop had a great turn out, almost 35 people, the positive and happy energy could be felt throughout the room.


Italian Spiderman

“Italian Spiderman” is a 2007 parody of Italian action-adventure films produced in the 1960’s and ’70s and was produced by Alrugo Entertainment, an Australian filmmaking collective. Originally, the film began as a fake trailer on Youtube, but was later expanded into a full length film made up of ten short episodes released on Youtube along with the trailer. While the planned sequel never occurred and Alrugo was disbanded shortly after the end of the first film, a spiritual successor was made in the form of the Dinosaur production company and the spy film parody “Danger 5.”


Fantasia Chacos

With summer sneaking up on campus, more and more people are responding to the warm weather with attire that suits it. The most important thing to consider as the weather gets nicer and nicer is what shoes to wear. People have begun wandering campus in flip flops and sandals but perhaps the most exciting, Chacos.


Mysterious Pasta Stuff and Garlic Bread

Ever been hungry and not sure what to make? Well, this is the perfect recipe for that. Most of the ingredients for this recipe are easy to come by and it is possible they might already be in the kitchen. Unfortunately, because of the fact that it was entirely made up on the spot, there are no specific measurements for the ingredients. Each ingredient’s measurement should be taken with a grain of salt, but be careful to not add too much salt.

Cooking Corner - Spicy Fried Chicken Picture

Spicy Fried Chicken

After a long day of work, there are few things that compare to a cold stiff drink and some homemade fried chicken. The defining characteristic of chicken as a protein in a meal is how mild the taste is, which lends itself well to being breaded, as is the case in fried chicken. Because chicken is a mild taste it can also have a range of spices added to it without overwhelming it. This recipe aims to combine these two ideas in a delectable, crunchy shell. Makes four pieces.

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