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Club Spotlight: Residence Hall Association

Have you ever thought that sharing bathrooms and waiting in lines to take showers in the traditional residence halls are a bit tedious? Do you have concerns regarding anything on campus? Do you live in a residence hall? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, Residence Hall Association is a great way to voice those opinions. New students and returning students who want to be more involved on campus and discuss ideas regarding Mines can join RHA. RHA president Kelsie Merchant explains, “At RHA, you are always welcome regardless of whether you came to our first meetings or not.” RHA’s mission statement is “a forum for creative, social programming aimed to unite and improve communication between residents and Residence Life staff across campus. Through its efforts, RHA strives to foster a positive and healthy campus community supportive of diverse identities and ideas.” In essence, RHA is an organization where all residents in Mines can come to have their ideas heard.

In addition, vice president Brittany Schreiner states, “As a council, we work to implement a variety of programs aimed at encouraging community development among residents.” Furthermore, Mary Elliot, the new advisor for RHA this year, is truly excited and pumped up for upcoming programs. These programs include Walk to Aware (raise awareness for a cause), tie-dying Homecoming shirts with MAC (free T-shirts and lots of fun), Grocery Bingo (play bingo for free food), Paint it Up (show creative sides using paint), and “Break b4 Break” (de-stress right before finals). RHA’s biggest program is Casino Night during E-days. However, as Kelsie says with enthusiasm, “None of these programs are set in stone – we need your input on how to make these programs even better!”

club spotlight picture 1If you have ideas regarding programs that would be fun and exciting for residents at Mines, come to the RHA meetings. During the meetings, “you will have a chance to meet residents from across campus,” said Merchant. Merchant also adds that the “Meetings are a really good break from all that studying!” Additionally, if you want a leadership position that doesn’t require as much work as being the president of student government or the president of a club, become a Community Representative. Come to the meetings and you can still sign up to be a Community Representative for your community. There is no application process! As a community representative, you can represent your community and discuss concerns that residents in your selected residence hall and roommates may have. You can be a Community Representative for the following residence halls (there can be more than one person being a Community Representative for a particular residence hall): Morgan, Thomas, Bradford, Randall, Weaver East, Weaver West, Maple North and Aspen, Maple South, Elm East, Elm West, and Mines Park.

RHA meets every Monday night at 7pm in the Maple Community Room (Maple Kitchen). Kelsie adds, “if you have any questions please email me:” She can answer any questions you may have regarding RHA. The best part about RHA is the fun that members will get at every meeting.

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