Question and Answer with E-Days Comedian Jimmy Tatro

Before Jimmy Tatro’s stand up performance on Thursday, April 9th as the honorary E-days comedian, I sat down with him over the phone to ask some hard-hitting questions about stand-up, his YouTube career, and ping pong balls.

Did you find the transition from YouTube videos to stand-up comedy and appearing in movies smooth?

It was pretty smooth; it actually wasn’t really YouTube straight to standup. My YouTube career kind of gained interest from schools wanting me to come speak to the film department or just a speaker to tell my story on how I got started on YouTube. It was a 45 minute story in front of college students about my experiences and one day my manager said I should start doing standup, and it has been a pretty smooth transition.

How do you handle a situation when you don’t get a laugh from a joke?

I just kind a keep going, nothing you can really do. I have been pretty fortunate so far in my stand up career and I’ve mostly got the reaction that I’ve been expecting, but when it’s a little lesser than I’ve been expecting I just keep going to the next joke.

Best way to handle hecklers?

No heckling, I’ve actually experienced the opposite, but almost just as annoying. It was fans that just kept screaming and wanting me to look at them and then I finally just say “hey I see ya.” Kind of distracting, better than hecklers, but still pretty annoying nonetheless

What are your future ambitions in the entertainment industry?

I’d like to eventually write and direct my own movies and I’d like to have my own version of a Happy Madison and something like what Adam Sandler has going on. Someone I look at as an inspiration is definitely Kevin Hart.

What is your favorite knock-knock joke?

I don’t.

If you could choose another career, what would it be?

Probably be a go-go dancer, I’d be in the club wearing some ridiculous outfit going HAM up on stage.

What is the most annoying thing about being famous?

When people just kind of expect me to start instantly start telling jokes the second they see me and then they get disappointed when I’m just being super casual trying to grab a coffee and I don’t really match their level of enthusiasm. There’s a lot of people that they understand and they are fan and see me on the street and get excited but I’m not excited when I’m just me and I know when I’m there. Some people actually get really upset when I’m not as excited to see them as they are to see me and they end up getting pissed and it’s not like I’m not being nice; then they realize they had nothing to say to me and I’m not standing there making jokes and it gets awkward.

Weirdest or craziest person you have worked with?

Riff Raff, he’s a little crazy but also really funny and one the funniest improvisation actors I’ve ever worked with and they guy comes up with the funniest stuff on the spot. He is a lot of fun to work with and definitely pretty crazy.

Do you have a life motto you stick with?

Kind of. In high school, my art teacher was showing slides of different artists, and one was paint slid over the canvas and my friend raised his and said “that’s not art; I could have done that, anyone could have done that.” And my teacher looked at him and was like “you could’ve, but you didn’t.” And I was like “oooo, that is solid Mr. Lee”. And that’s the one thing that I took away from high school was what my art teacher senior year said to my friend.

Describe a perfect afternoon.

Me waking up at twelve, twelve thirty P.M., and getting some brunch at a brunch spot with some solid vibes. Then I’d hop in a Ferrari 458 Italia and cruise down the highway a little bit and then maybe relax on a beach.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

You know, I’ve never seen either of the twilight movies, and I take great pride in that so I don’t know. I guess I’ll say Team Jacob since I’m just gonna choose because I have no idea about any of them.

Boxers or Briefs?

Briefs, Calvin Klein strictly.

How many ping pong balls do you wager you can fit into your mouth?

Uhh, I can definitely fit one but I don’t know if I’m willing to try more than that.

Mayo or Miracle whip?

Probably mayo but of minimal dosage.

Favorite band or type of music?

I’m into hip-hop but I like a lot of stuff, but I’m on the low-key Taylor Swift end.

What is one thing you would un-invent?

Absolutely un-invent the shit out of that selfie stick

What is your favorite beer and also your favorite ‘shotty’ beer?

Favorite beer is Skulkan IPA and favorite shotty beer is Coors Light.


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