Creative Writing Club Looks to Expand

During the academic year of 2014-2015, the Oredigger Newspaper briefly hosted a small cadre of voices who found solace in short stories, poems, editorials, and song writing.This group became creative writing club.

However, the group bonded surprisingly quickly. “The people are so amazing and it allows me more of a chance to release my creativity,” said Braden Egtvedt, the extracurricular activities coordinator.

They had found the fellow engineers who shared an affinity for the right brain – at least, where it expressed itself on paper.

Grant DeShazer, one of two online coordinators said, “It was mostly a matter of being able to do something I enjoyed doing with other like-minded people.”

The group soon decided that they wanted to be more than a subset of a larger organization. Fueled by inherent passion for their work, the five original members quickly built the Creative Writing Club.

“Our meetings are about sharing our work and talking about writing,” said DeShazer.

The meetings are casual, and generally happen over coffee and laughter. The president, or Queen Kathy Cheng, shares the club’s announcements to new members and the officers. The rest of the hour is spent sharing works with one another and getting the creative juices flowing.

The fledgling club intends to become a place of welcome and comfort to those students on campus who long to continue their writing career.

With so little time at the Colorado School of Mines for its students, it is easy to let creative writing become a pleasant memory.

“I feel like it will probably remain a fairly small, but friendly club for now,” Egtvedt says, “I think it has the potential to stick around after the Founding Freelancers have gone.”

It is the shared hope that this club and its passion for sowing imagination even in the folds of math and science will carry on long past its current officers.

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