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Disney’s Newsies Visits Denver

Disney’s “Newsies” visited the Denver Ellie Caulkins Opera House on a wave of excitement and passion. With songs composed by Alan Menken, who also wrote for such landmarks as, “The Little Mermaid,” and, “Aladdin,” the show emblazoned headlines everywhere from March 23rd to April 9th . Based on a 1992 movie starring Christian Bale, Bill…

Improv Club Looks for New Members

Most everyone could say that they knew an “improv” student in high school. They were the kid who sort of spent time in the drama department, who would speak up in class just to make people laugh, and generally stuck to their… different group of friends. “[My friends’ and my own] mental connecting was very…

Creative Writing Club Looks to Expand

During the academic year of 2014-2015, the Oredigger Newspaper briefly hosted a small cadre of voices who found solace in short stories, poems, editorials, and song writing.This group became creative writing club. However, the group bonded surprisingly quickly. “The people are so amazing and it allows me more of a chance to release my creativity,”…


Tyson Delivers “Bizarre” Lecture

Prior to his sold out show in Lockridge Arena, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson shared a bit about his trip to Mines, opinion on STEM degrees and related issues, and spirit animal of choice. Q: What was it that drew you to presenting at the Colorado School of Mines? A: Basically, if I had my choice,…

Melodic Miners

When the name “barbershop quartet” is said, what first comes to mind? Top hats and striped getups, perhaps some stylish suspenders? What about dresses and heels? A Cappella has begun to pick up momentum in recent years, due largely to the popular film, Pitch Perfect, that depicts a group of highly talented women with enormous…

Bird: Chapter 6

“I’m sorry,” I blurt out before I can stop. My eyes start to heat up, and I laugh humorlessly to myself as I turn my head further away from her. “I didn’t expect them to just show up there.”

“Hey.” She gets to her feet and I feel her hands on my shoulders. “It’s just a broken house in the woods. The cabin isn’t a big deal. And the men aren’t either. You’re safe. That’s all that matters.”

That sounds cliche. I meet her eyes and we share a smile.

“You don’t need to worry about them. You got away. And they won’t ever see you again.” She smiles, and I can’t help but remember Bird’s insistence on my meeting others. I try not to furrow my brows. I feel my wings move restlessly at my back.

“Yeah,” I say, not really focusing on her face when I glance back up at her.

“Nobody ever does,” she says, “not if you don’t want them to.”

My wings shift again.

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