The Flash Makes a Second Lap

The explosive and action-packed second season of The Flash premiered on Oct. 6, 2015, to the joy of many fans who have long awaited the show’s return.  It picked up the plot six months after the shattering conclusions of season one, answering questions that the dramatic cliff-hanger posed last season.  Viewers learn the fates of each character, and how the events of the wormhole that opened above Central City have affected their lives.  As episodes continue, it is clear that this season will prove to be just as intense and well thought out as the first was.

Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, begins the first episode by doing work as The Flash without the help he used to receive from his friends at Star Labs.  He has isolated himself from his crush, Iris, his adoptive father, Joe, and his friends, Cisco and Caitlin.  The episode explores the reasoning behind this decision, as Barry is still reeling from the character deaths that he believes were his fault.

In his effort to save Central City, Barry made choices that indirectly influenced the lives (and deaths) of those he cares about.  Now that the city has been saved and The Flash has been declared a public hero, he feels increasingly less deserving of such an honor.  Determined not to hurt anyone else, Barry stops crime and rebuilds his city by night, but does so alone.

Meanwhile, terrible things are stirring in Central City.  The arrival of even more dangerous meta-human criminals pushes Barry to his limits.  He finally rekindles his relationships with the people in his life, despite his initial hesitation.  By the end of the episode, the team has reached a recognizable homeostasis.

Viewers of The Flash should prepare for another well woven plot in season two; the reentrance of Barry’s father, who was wrongfully imprisoned for murder, is the first of many unforeseen wrenches that will undoubtedly be thrown into the mix over the next few months.  The arrival of new characters will also make for an interesting show.  The addition of Jay Garrick, played by Teddy Sears, will be especially fascinating.  Garrick is revealed to be from another dimension, but he has unintentionally become stuck in Barry’s world.  With Garrick’s warnings of a new threat to Central City, the Flash will take on new villains and investigate the lasting effects of a portal to an alternate universe.

Wormholes, alternate universes, and superheroes sound like the perfect entertainment for Mines students, and kicking back with an episode would be great way to relax after those pesky exams.  So hit the ground running with the latest episodes.  The Flash airs Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.

Be sure not to miss an episode – the plot moves lightning fast.

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