E-Days Student DJs

Chances are pretty high that you have been to the Friday Night Event during E-Days. Last year, just about half the student body was in attendance. It featured student DJs and other fun shenanigans including fire breathers and aerialists. While the details for this year’s event have not been released yet, you should expect some changes. “We’re looking to bring an experience to the audience and make it more interactive than in the past” says Samara Omar, president of the Mines Activity Council.

As advertised in the Mines Daily Blast, students can apply to do a 45 minute set in front of the crowd. But what does it take to perform as a DJ or musician at the event? Thomas Conklin, a professional DJ considering applying, spoke about the challenges of live performances.

Conklin explained that just because a song is good does not guarantee that it will be appropriate to play at an event like this; some songs would just “kill the party.” On top of that, it is difficult to satisfy everyone when you have the complex interests and various musical tastes of the huge E-Days crowds. “You want to play what you want and what you do best” but you also need to find out what the audience is expecting; you’re there to make sure they have a good time.

According to Kaleb Weston, a skillful performer who happens to be the head of the E-Days committee scheduling the talent, it takes a lot of practice and energy to get the show just right. It is a live performance so he is actively looking for people who can keep the crowds engaged, with the music and with their personality. The committee is currently in search of upbeat sounds which could include hip-hop, funk, or EDM… anything to get the crowd pumped up at the start of the Friday Night Event.

If you interested in performing, contact the E-Days Committee ASAP! They’ll be making their decisions very soon. Contact Kaleb (kweston@mines.edu) with questions.

But if you are not a performer and are just looking to enjoy the concert, start getting pumped for E-Days!

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