Oredigger Radio, We Need to Talk

If you go to Mines you know the famous Micah, master of the omelet and all around nice guy to talk with as you drink your morning coffee. If you have spoken with him recently you will have heard of his disdain for the music playlist in Mines Market. And he is not alone. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good songs on the playlist, notable mentions being “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult, “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon and “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. I am of course kidding about “Barbie Girl.” That song is the catalyst for the hate the playlist is getting. When asked to comment on the song choice Micah replied, “Help.”

A sentiment echoed by every person who regularly grabs breakfast there and the rest of the Mines Market staff including Judy, the woman in charge of the front desk, who said, “The music needs to be changed up. Seriously.”

If it was not bad enough that “Barbie Girl” made it on the playlist in the first place, it plays at the same time, 7:09, everyday and it has been playing since the week before classes started.

Then at 7:20 the song “Replay” by Iyaz comes on because the absolute cabbage who put together the playlist thought the lyrics “everyday like my iPod stuck on replay” would be hilarious after the third week. It is pretty bad to have a repetitive playlist but when the playlist starts taunting you the creator is the human equivalent of gas station sushi.

Jokes aside, I have been looking into the changes Mines Market made after last year where the music was Pandora streamed from an iPad. This year the dining establishment switched over to Oredigger Radio. I spoke with the vice president of Mines Internet Radio (MIR), Gett Villanueva, to find out if the current music playlist, was the cruel joke of an MIR producer or DJ.

He replied “Nope. CSM commissions a company to play Oredigger Radio.”

So, the school is paying “the man” to drive us insane, like the homework was not already enough.

This outside company is also unaffiliated with Sodexo, so submitting comment cards about the music selection to them is ineffective.

At 7:27, Oredigger Radio rambles off a number as part of a commercial trying so hard to be cool it makes Hillary Clinton look hip. Could this number be the solution to getting the playlist changed? No, of course not!

It is for making reservations for the glass room in Mines Market. So, if you need to make a reservation please call 303-384-2663.

Alas, no one knows who the lemony paper cut in charge of the music happens to be. So, I will be buying a box of earplugs over the weekend because breakfast is not worth the small amounts of blood leaking from my ears and also continue in my efforts to change Oredigger Radio’s playlist.


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