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Mines signs agreement with USGS to expand research on campus

On October 22nd, the Colorado School of Mines welcomed a new long-term deal between the University and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The deal involves nearly $100 million dollars of campus construction and renovation, sliced up into a new $120 million building, $161 million in related investment, and 150 new scientists working throughout campus. […]

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Green Center renovation: More than asbestos removal

Recently I  had a sit down with the Director of Mines Office Design and Construction, Mike Bowker, for an update about the Green Center. As it turns out, the Green Center has a lot more than asbestos removal going on. To clarify some misconceptions, Bowker explained that this project wasn’t about the removal of asbestos, […]

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Successes in SWE’s Girl Scout outreach

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) chapter at Colorado School of Mines is the largest in the nation and highly recognized on campus, in the community, and in industry. SWE conducts outreach to encourage young girls’ interest in STEM and works to prepare women to enter STEM fields. This year, Mines’ chapter of SWE was […]

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APO National Serivce Week

National service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is an international, co-ed service fraternity with the Mu Pi chapter at Colorado School of Mines. The first full week of November has been designated as National Service Week by APO. The goal of National Service Week is to unify chapters with a national theme, inspire expansion of […]

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Cut down the Amazon: How to handle tech conglomerates in the 21st century

The zeitgeist of our time revolves near universally around important technology companies and their amassment of power over our lives. In what felt like the final season of a reality TV show, Amazon spent the last year courting states and municipalities to fight each other in a race to the bottom of corporate taxes, all […]

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Op-Ed: Oredigger Radio? Yeah, not good

Anyone who has studied, met with a group, or ate in the Student Center is familiar with the bizarre and incoherent music selection in the building. If you accidentally forget your headphones when you go there to study, I’m really sorry. Enjoy the strange mix of 80s pop music, Kenny G, and maybe (if you’re […]

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Satire: The new fro-yo machine’s spookier than you thought

Brown Building is as close to a playground as Mines students will get, with the 3D printer-stocked MakerSpace and plenty of coffee to fuel creativity. Now, the playground is complete with a very expensive sugary dessert served through a machine. The long awaited Frozen Yogurt machine in Brown is up and running, providing students with […]

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Shakespeare, not Statistics: Why we need more liberal engineering education

This opinion will engender few friendly feelings towards me, but I believe that Mines should have an admissions essay. Beyond that, I think that we, as students, should be required to take more Humanities Arts and Social Science (HASS) classes, write more for our classes, read more works of classic literature, and be allowed to […]

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Mines Little Theater’s Fall Season Comes to a Close With She Kills Monsters

You find yourself seeking shelter from the stress of studying by visiting one of your favorite cafés. Once there you notice a troupe of performers form the local theater: what do you do? Upon investigating, you come to learn that they have just finished performing the last of their fall shows. One of the performers […]


December Horoscopes: Astro-logged by Bob the Astrologer

Sagittarius: I won’t make any end-of-year birthday jokes, or jabs about birthdays near the holidays. I, too, am a Sagittarius, so I know how it is. Instead, I’ll give you an intelligent, non-holiday-related horoscope like I do for others around their birthdays. Of course, I don’t make the horoscopes, I just interpret them from the […]