Daily Archives: January 30, 2019


Sticking to privacy

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of my fellow students covering up their laptop webcams with stickers. I’ve seen postage stamps, Spongebob stickers, even a NSA sticker used to cover up students’ front facing webcams. But what’s all the big fuss, and is it a waste of time and tape? The trend first started in 2013,…


Dan’s Book Club

It is now the year 2019. Probably an unremarkable year in history overall, if statistics are to be believed. History is less about individual years and more about the defining characteristics of an era which humanity assigns to the past retroactively. So, this week I have a book about history. Wait don’t put down the…


Fall sports recap

There was quite a bit to talk about in the sports section last season here at The Oredigger, and we didn’t have the time or space to cover everything worth mentioning. The dust has settled, and winter sports are about midway through their seasons; so here are some of the names, statistics and anecdotes that…

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