House Hunters Golden: Where to live after your freshman year

Are you a freshman at Mines currently living in the dorms? The pressure of finding new housing for the coming years can start to build as the spring semester carries on. But have no fear, housing is here!

   On Jan. 22, Residence Life had the first housing information session for freshmen wondering how to start looking for lodging as their time in the dorms comes closer to a close. In the discussion members of Residence Life and a local housing broker in Golden discussed three main sources of housing for students. Maple Hall, Mines Park, and off-campus housing are all possible for current freshmen—but how do you get into them?

   Maple Hall is a suite-style residence hall on campus that has a floor dedicated to upperclassmen wanting to stay close to Mines. The pricing is all-inclusive and can be found on the Residence Life website, and students living in Maple are required to purchase a meal plan. Anyone looking to stay in the hall needs to apply online through Trailhead between Feb. 1 at 10 AM and Feb. 3 at noon to be entered into the lottery system. If you are chosen to live in Maple, the room selection portion will open on the application. Once a room is selected, that student is locked in and cannot back out of living in the dorm hall unless they want to pay a percentage of the housing costs.

   Benefits of living on campus are that students can stay close to all classes and school resources, as well as having a community of other Mines sophomores in close proximity.

   Another option for student housing is the campus-owned apartment complex, Mines Park. Mines Park is a series of apartment buildings close to campus with 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartment options, each with a full sized kitchen. Pricing for each apartment size can be found on the Residence Life website. Rent covers trash, internet, and television, but utilities are not included in the cost. The application process is similar to applying to Maple. An application through Trailhead opens on Mar. 1 at 10 AM, and students have from then until

Mar. 3 at noon to be placed in the lottery, after paying a $50 application fee. Roommate preferences can be set, but if you are placed in an apartment with empty beds anyone could be moved in with you.

   Benefits of this housing type is that students would be in a community of Mines students, and are close to the campus without being in the middle of everything. People who want to be close but have a degree of separation from the school can have the perfect place to stay. However, unlike the dorms furniture is not included: residents have to provide it all themselves.

   The third main option for housing past freshman year is off-campus housing. Off-campus housing can range in size, housing type (apartments, townhouses, condos), number of residents, and price. Overall, students looking to rent property in the Golden area should be wary of any scams out there. Ask potential landlords about all policies (and get these in writing), and make sure they are in a property they actually like. After signing and negotiating leases, residents should document everything on the property when moving in to ensure that any damage already caused will not be blamed on them when moving out. Residents should also be careful to note when rent is due, what other fees they may have to pay, and ensure they have renter’s insurance in case of any unforeseen incidents. Ultimately, renting property not owned by CSM can be frightening for some students, but brokers and landlords in the area are aware of the needs of students and are available to help. Benefits of being off campus include a sense of freedom and adulthood students may not feel while living in property owned by the school. Living off campus gives students more responsibilities over their living space, their meals, and their daily activities.

   Freshmen should not fear the future of finding a place to stay. The university has its own options available and more information all over the Residence Life website. There are also resources across Golden that can aid students in finding an apartment or house. For more detailed information go to the Residence Life website, or go to the Campus Living Office (CLO) in Elm Hall.

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