Helluva Service Event kicks off across Golden

   On Saturday morning, the largest community service event at Mines took place. Helluva Service Event is a student-driven morning of service that had over 250 volunteers working on over 40 projects all around Golden this semester. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff make up the volunteers. Volunteers helped clean trash off the streets, walk dogs, help residents garden, and more. For all of their hard work, volunteers receive free event t shirts and free breakfast for all of their hard work. The school president and the mayor of Golden each spoke to the volunteers to thank them for their time and effort.

   This event is an important tradition at Mines, providing an opportunity for students to give back

to and to maintain a good relationship with the Golden community that has always been supporting the Mines campus.

    “I see it as a way to connect with the city of Golden because there are a lot of times we are not connected to the city of Golden, so this is a really cool way to connect and get to know them,” says Siew Chiang, one of the lead organizers of Helluva Service Event.

    Student volunteers also think the event is important. “Fiji was picking up trash around Golden. It was really eye opening to see just how much trash, especially cigarette butts, are just littered around. It made you much more conscious of what you with with you trash,” Robby Smith recalls from his service project. “It was also really nice to have random citizens coming around thanking for your work.”

   This event happens every semester. In the fall, it is during Fall Kick Off right before school starts, and then in April in the spring semester. Be sure to keep an eye out for the event in the future and join on your own, with some friends, or with one of your favorite organizations!

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