Athlete Spotlight Scott Marshall

As the regular season for Mines football passes the halfway mark, the Orediggers are well underway for being on track with a great season at 7-0. Their most recent victory over Fort Lewis College ended in a shutout, 42-0. This Mines football team has seen a great amount of success this season, with a margin of victory of 231 points (295 for, 64 against) and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. With an average of 42.1 points per game, and a 4th ranked overall defense (according to this team looks ready for just about any matchup. Week in and week out, the Orediggers put on a great game for the fans.
Scott Marshall, the kicker for Mines, sees a lot of action on this incredible team. Between kicking the PATs, kickoffs, and field goals Marshall has been responsible for 42 points up through week six. Only two players on the team has been responsible for more points – running back Cameron May-
berry (46), and quarterback John Matocha (95). During Mines’ win last week, Marshall was 4/4 on PAT attempts and kicked off 5 times, with an average distance of 65 yards. Marshall proves his worth for this team not only on paper, but through his spirit and work ethic as well. “Being a student-athlete is a unique opportunity to learn some powerful skills that you can carry with you through the rest of your life: strong work ethic, teamwork, time management, responding to adversity,” said Marshall.


He grew up in Houston, Texas and went to Clear Lake high school.



What’s the best part about being a kicker?

Marshall loves the pressure. “The best part about being a kicker is how unique the position really is. It is an ‘all-eyes-on-you’ position and you either perform or you don’t.” said Marshall. “it is a double-edged sword – that is what I’ve always liked about it.

What made Mines your collegiate destination?

Mines was everything Marshall wanted in a school. Its excellent academic reputation, as well as its beautiful location and athletic success were all attractive points for him. “The idea of getting an elite education, playing championship football, and being at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is a hard deal to pass up,” said Marshall. Despite Mines being known as an engineering school, Marshall was able to find out about the economics program which is what sealed the deal. “I actually never wanted to be an engineer, but after learning about the economics program at Mines, I was sold,” said Marshall.

Does being a kicker change the traditional football experience?

The short answer is yes. “The stigma of being a kicker is always there and you often need to figure things out on your own when adversity hits. However, that is what you sign up for and that is why I love it,” said Marshall. “You have a single task- a simple one- and you do not have many opportunities during the course of a game to accomplish that task. The reminder of the guys who are fighting every snap over the course of three hours to win the game are the ones who deserve the credit. When you step onto the field as a kicker, you do not want to let those guys down,” said Marshall. “You want to get your job done for them.”

What has been your experience with being on the football team?

Marshall has been able to be apart of a welcoming and encouraging community on the football team. “Being on the Mines football team has been the best time of my life. The guys are all bought in, extremely hard-working, and fun people to be around” said Marshall.

What’s your most memorable moment on a football field?

“I’d say my most memorable moment on a football field was beating CSU-Pueblo back in 2016,”said Marshall. The game ended 57-21 for a Mines victory. “It was my first college start and we were playing the #5 team in the country at home on ESPN. After a long lightning delay, we dominated the game on both sides of the ball and came out with a big win. It was then that I realized what a special team we have at Mines.”

Do you have any hobbies outside of football?

“I enjoy cooking, playing golf, water skiing, and spending time with family and friends,” said Marshall.

How do sports overall impact your life?

Marshall can’t even picture his life without sports having a huge presence. “Sports has always been one of the centerpieces of my life. When not playing football, I find myself playing pickup basketball,soccer, volleyball, etc.” said Marshall. “Sports have led me to some amazing people and that is what I miss most once my days of playing football are over.”

What’s the commute to away games like?

The time spent in the bus and the scenery that goes with it is a highlight “Travelling to away games is one of the highlights of any student-athlete’s experience,” said Marshall. “Most of our trips are by bus so we get to see some beautiful country depending on where we are going. Obviously
winning makes the trip back a whole lot more enjoyable.”

What are your hopes for the future?

Marshall is getting ready to finish his undergraduate degree this spring and is also intending on finishing his last season next year while starting his graduate degree journey. “I am not sure what would be next, but I have my eyes set on a career working in sports or finance,” said Marshall.

What can fans expect from this Orediggers football team this season?

“Fans can expect to see a fast, physical team which is disciplined, confident, and win the right way. Everyone checks their ego at the door and goes to work each and every day” said Marshall.

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