Rise and Shine

Maybe we’re just looking out for your health – and helping out the Snorediggers Instagram following too.

If you were to ask any medical professional, they would tell you the average college student should get anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep to which Mines students have responded with, “Challenge Accepted.”

It’s true that as college students, we seem to choose less sleep in favor of other activities and while our professors may believe we are going on yet another trip to Pint Night or just putting off what we need to do before 11:59pm by trying to get featured on the College Fails snapchat story – in reality, what keeps us up mostly is homework and exams we need to study for (at least, on the week nights). However, being the problem-solving engineers we are, we have found ways around that limitation by using the resources available on our campus – that is to say, the couches, beanbags, grass and occasionally floors of our good old Colorado School of Mines. While this may have been optimal for some, the rest of us walking past, look on with bemusement and one Oredigger decided to make the most of it.

Inspired by an abandoned account on Twitter, the Snorediggers Instagram page was founded in December of 2018 to highlight the ingenuity of our sleeping campus. When it first began, not many submissions were sent in, approximately one per week. Now that the account has been gaining traction, there can be anywhere from 6-10 submissions a day. As Snorediggers puts it, “It’s crazy how willing the Mines community is to throw their friends under the bus to make others laugh.” When asked if anyone has ever had a negative reaction after their friends submitted a photo of them sleeping, Snoredigger said not a single person has ever complained about their sleeping habits being put on full blast to the internet world (surprisingly). I think it’s because we all understand the struggle of getting enough sleep, but Snorediggers says that if anyone did DM them asking to remove the post, they would 100% respect that and take it down. With all the posts coming in now a days, there certainly isn’t a lack of photos to post and in Snorediggers’ eyes, that’s the best thing about running the account. They love how everyone has responded so positively and thinks “it’s so funny to walk around campus after I make a post and hearing people talk and laugh about it. It’s good to know that I can make people smile with content as innocent as students sleeping on campus.”

So, Orediggers who need sleep, who like taking photos of others sleeping, or who are sleeping themselves (which I’ve heard if you stack up enough of The Oredigger, they make a great pillow…), we here at the student paper want you to get more sleep in general, and Snorediggers wants you to photograph it. While the Snorediggers account loves all the submissions they receive and plans on posting more quality content with your help, they do say, “If I ever got a submission of a Mines faculty or staff sleeping, that would definitely take the cake.” If that’s not a challenge, I don’t know what is – professors beware!

For some quality content, be sure to follow @Snorediggers on Instagram or take a nap on campus and you may one day end up featured on the account yourself!

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