Stop Remaking My Childhood

Movie remakes don’t merely give classic tales a contemporary face-lift, the millennial audience is exploited for its desire for nostalgia while a whole new generation of moviegoers fails to experience the authentic audio-visual assemblage that is the original film. If you are in the camp that believes watching said originals from home is passé why not attend re-release viewings, patronize mint films at specialty theaters, catch a film festival at your local theatre, or host a viewing party (even if its a party of one you can treat yourself to popcorn). 

Stricter-realists than myself will likely speak to the ultimate driving force of Hollywood Cinema which is box office success, profits, money. I am speaking to the jungle that is corporate ethics and the current sacrifice of innovation and creative-independent thought regardless of financial viability. Disney artists (speaking very broadly to such professions as animators, story artists, costumers, engineers, and directors) should be challenged to cultivate new quintessential live-action films. 

An expansion of the culture of Pixar, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, would likely aid the larger Walt Disney Company in this pursuit. Disney owns the intellectual property of its animated classics and therefore, unless the people who care a whole awful lot raise their voices, the company will continue to remake versions of these same stories in perpetuity. Vote with your theatre patronage and home video rentals and purchases by selecting films with artistic integrity and narrative ambition. 

Disney, a notably revolutionary studio, is idolizing remakes, a cop-out from taking the financial risk of bringing new stories to life. I’ve yet to watch a live action iteration of a Disney film that matches or exceeds the original’s quality. Why? It’s not original. But don’t fret, there is a multitude of other movies that can be seen while we boycott Disney remakes. Coming soon… Parasite – October 11th, Zombieland: Double Tap – October 18th, Paradise Hills – October 25th, Doctor Sleep – November 8th, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – December 20th.

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