Staff Spotlight: Meet One of Our New Graphic Artists

Meet Molly Adams. Image courtesy of Lauren D’Ambra.

The Oredigger has an impressive array of talented writers, editors, graphic designers, and photographers that help bring each issue to life. Each of our team members brings a unique perspective to the paper and help make each issue special. This week we met up with one of our graphic designers to share a little bit about the work that goes into each issue of The Oredigger. Molly Adams is one of our spectacularly talented graphic designers. She is a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering and double minoring in Space and Planetary Science and Explosive Engineering. We met up with Molly last week to talk about her work with The Oredigger and what’s coming next!

Q: What made you want to be a part of The Oredigger’s staff?

“I wanted to get involved with something on campus and I wanted to continue doing art somewhere,”

Q: How long have you been involved in graphic design?

“I took a graphic design class my sophomore year of high school and after that, I worked for my aunt and her marketing company. I made a lot of graphics for her and her clients. When I came to Mines I was like, ‘Okay, this is science, not art, so I haven’t done it in a while but I want to get back into it.’”

Q: Are there certain pieces you like to create more than others?

“It depends on what software I’m using. If I’m using Illustrator I can do
pretty much anything since that’s hat I’m used to, but if I’m using Procreate I prefer to draw free hand,”

Q: What is your favorite graphic that you’ve done for The Oredigger so far?

“In this next issue (the one in your hand right now!) I drew a graphic of a donkey and an elephant to go with the article about the debate. I really like that one and I’m looking forward to drawing some more!”

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