A Night to Remember

By Lauren D’Ambra

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about all sorts of unusual circumstances and challenges, including one that many people wouldn’t immediately think of: a widespread cancellation of high school proms. Opinions on prom differ from person to person, but for most it’s a highlight of their high school career and it’s sad that so many students were unable to attend theirs. Luckily for us, our fantastic sophomore USG representatives applied themselves to this peculiar problem and did their best to put a fun spin on a sad situation. “We were talking about our various experiences from prom in high school. I never went to Prom in high school,” said Genevieve Robinson”, and the other representatives all went to Prom their junior years, and either had Prom canceled their senior year, or they had a virtual/socially distanced option. We realized that a lot of our constituents likely had similar experiences. We then got the idea to host a Prom,”

The sophomore USG representatives quickly set to work planning their one-of-a-kind event. They realized that there was a way for the prom to benefit more than just its intended audience. USG decided to partner with RHA to host the event. They then decided to take it one step further and see if they could get the Golden community involved. USG worked with several Golden businesses to provide discounts; including Golden Sweets, Windy Saddle Cafe, and Bob’s Atomic Burgers; and giveaways for students during prom week. “This community partnership made it very special!” commented Genevieve Robinson.

USG and RHA also partnered with a company called the Mines Green Team and an organization called Compost Colorado to provide composting services for the event. Prom led Mines officially partnering with Compost Colorado for future school events, meaning that the company will provide composting services for other Mines sponsored occasions. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity and we’re so happy Mines has Compost Colorado have created this relationship!

The actual event was a fantastic success! Over 400 students attended and the event and everybody had a great time. Students were ab;e to participate in various activities and RHA had a booth at the event. Everyone was absolutely amazed at the scope of USG and RHA’s work and the prom will certainly be a night to remember!

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