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Mines Plans for New Pedestrian Plaza

Mines’ plan to create a pedestrian-friendly, resident-focused campus will soon be taking another step forward with the creation of a new pedestrian plaza between Maple Hall, Elm Hall, and Weaver Towers. In the coming months, the plaza’s design will be refined from the concept in the university’s Master Plan, and the project will be put…

Scientific discoveries this week: 9/30/13

Vienna, Austria
A new class of thermoelectric material may allow for more efficient conversion of industrial waste heat into electrical energy. Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology created a new clathrate—a type of lattice that traps atoms and molecules in “cages”—that holds cerium atoms in a structure made of barium, silicon, and gold. When one side of the material is heated, electrons in the cerium atoms move toward the cooler side, creating a voltage between the two sides. The team behind this discovery will attempt to duplicate this effect using more economically viable elements to improve the material’s marketability.

Scientific discoveries this week: 9/12/13

Tempe, Arizona, United States of America
A study of the Sutter’s Mill meteorite suggests that there was a larger variety of extraterrestrial organic molecules available to the Earth in it’s early years than previously thought. By hydrothermally treating meteorite fragments, scientists at Arizona State University were able to simulate early Earth conditions; which caused the release of complex oxygen-rich compounds, including polyethers of “definite prebiotic interest.” These findings give greater insight into the organic compounds produced outside of Earth, as well as to how they may have influenced early molecular evolution on the planet.

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