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“The Right Place to Be” is the right CD to have

At first listen, “The Right Place To Be EP” by Adventure Galley is surprisingly professional for a debut album of a relatively unknown band. After a few listens it is not surprising that Adventure Galley won the recent Toyota Music Rock The Space 2 contest. The album begins with a soulful prelude that sets the scene for the rest of the album; of course everything only gets better from here. This leads right into “Knife In The Sail,” a song that is sure to find you tapping your foot along with the jazzy beat. As you fall deeper into the CD, you will find yourself in amazement that such a great debut album is even possible.

CSM runs away from NMHU 49-21

The Colorado School of Mines overcame a slow first quarter of mistakes to take care of the New Mexico Highlands University Cowboys 49-21 Saturday afternoon at Perkins Stadium in Las Vegas, NM.

The win sends the Orediggers to 2-1 overall, 1-0 RMAC as the offensive explosion continued for Quarterback Clay Garcia and company.

Athlete of the Week: Manville Strand, Sophomore, Soccer

Two years ago, the name Manville Strand was not heard among the Mines Men’s Soccer team. No one recruited him, no one gave him a scholarship, and he was not even on the team. But, after joining the team as a freshman walk-on, this Oredigger goalkeeper quickly rose from anonymity to become the RMAC 2009 Freshman of the year. Now, in his second year as an Oredigger, Strand has not lost a beat, allowing only one goal in four games and racking up 7 saves. He has played over 340 minutes and garnered a 0.26 goals against average and a 0.875 save percentage. Earlier this month, Strand was named the RMAC defensive player of the week.  The civil engineering major is now helping to lead a dangerous Mines team that is ranked third in the nation and has already defeated #1 Fort Lewis 1-0. For his effort and performances so far, Manville Strand is this week’s Oredigger Athlete of the Week.


Residence hive progressing well

Mines officially announced the completion of Phase I of the new “residence hive” last Friday. The futuristic living structure will be conveniently located between Green Center and the CTLM and is expected to drastically increase the number of students that can live on-campus. In addition, since it will be encased in thick concrete and housed underground, the earth will provide natural insulation to the living units inside, reducing the need for heating and cooling systems. Project leaders hope the structure will serve as a symbol of the Colorado School of Mines’s commitment to innovation and conservation.

Kjirsten Olson

Minds at Mines: Pet Peeves

While sitting in Slate thinking about what question I wanted to ask people, someone really irritated me. My blood was pumping and after analyzing the situation it dawned up me. I wanted to know what grinds peoples’ gears. Everyone has something that ticks them off. Whether it is road rage from the grandpa driving the Buick or betas in the gym, there is something that ticks off everyone. So I asked, what grinds your gears?

Are the new exam policies really necessary?

Hey everybody, back for more I see? Last semester I took PHGN100. It is a hard class, but not impossible. CAPA hurt, but in the end the exams hurt more. The week after the third exam, a cheating ring was discovered in physics 1 involving several students with some estimates as high as 40 total involved. When this was announced in class, I was like, whatever, those people will eventually fail so throw them out. I thought this wouldn’t affect me. Then, our lovely physics department heads decided to jack up the lives of every single student on campus by placing all these new restrictions on what you’re allowed to do in the exam rooms themselves.

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