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Tech Break: Going mobile

Welcome to the new year! Apologies for the lack of Tech Breaks in past Oredigger issues. Hopefully my schedule will allow for a weekly article again. For this week, let’s look at what’s hot in the wireless market, based on data that I collected late last semester and bolstered over the break.

ASCSM debates concealed carry

Concealed carry for firearms was the primary topic of 2011’s inaugural ASCSM meeting, held on January 13. The issue was brought to light due to a court case between pro-concealed carry CU students and the University of Colorado, which has progressed over the last few months and may draw to a close by year-end 2011. Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, the group representing the pro-concealed carry students, argues that students with state-issued concealed carry certificates should be allowed to bring their firearms onto campus, while CU’s policies stand contrary to this ability.

Music Review: Passion Pit brings electronica to a new light

Utilizing a catchy synthesizer, two keyboardists, a bass guitar, drums, and vocals by Michael Angelakos; Passion Pit has released one full studio album and one EP. Ranging from very light and swift to very mellow and slow paced, Passion Pit brings electronica to a more popular and broad style that allows for many people who are into different genres of music to enjoy variety ranging from rock to rap, even to choir music. The band’s newest album, labeled Manners, uses all previously stated genres to create a symphony of unique sounds. Manners came out in 2009 and has been widely successful for the group from Cambridge, Massachusetts. This album consists of eleven original tracks along with three extended songs which in total last about forty-five minutes. The album garnered positive response from a variety of reviewers and The Rolling Stone Magazine. Clash Magazine even gave the album a 9/10.


Cooking Corner: The underage brew, Ginger Ale

Ginger, a unique plant, is highly valued by many cultures. Ginger can be pickled, used as a additive and palate cleanser for sushi, and used as an additive to vegetables like carrots to make eating them much easier. This recipe, however, is for brewing ginger ale, a simple concoction that allows even the youngest members of society to become brew masters in their own right.

The stars shine brightly above Mines: Hot fun on the first rock from the sun

Welcome back astronomy fans and space buffs. This semester the focus of this section will change just as the stars above change. Where last semester there was a large focus on constellations and deeper sky objects this semester we will turn our sights a little bit closer to home. Expect to see articles on planets, moons, rockets, the auroras, and maybe a little bit about black holes. So without further delay, get ready to turn your eyes to the stars above Mines.

Scientific discoveries this week: 1-24-11

Houston, Texas – An amoeba formerly classified as slime mold is now being called the farmer amoeba. The amoeba, Dictyostelium discoideum, picks up bacteria from its environment, carries it around, seeds it somewhere, and then harvests it for food. Debra Brock, a graduate student at Rice University in Houston, Texas, first started studying the amoeba as an undergraduate, and most of her samples were clones of one amoeba. At Rice university, Brock found that wild amoeba developed the ability to farm bacteria for food. Not all of the amoeba farmed; it was only observed under certain conditions that were more favorable to seeding and harvesting.


Athlete of the Week: Jordan Larsen, Junior, Wrestling

When a football team or basketball team or volleyball team wins a big game, the news travels fast and nearly everyone hears about it. But when a wrestling meet takes place, there are limited spectators and the athlete’s hard work often goes unnoticed to the general population. Still, when the Mines wrestling team overcame #17 Adams State College and pulled off an unexpected upset, it was hard to overlook. And, with a first year head coach in Josh Hutchens and only three graduating seniors, this roster looks to have an impressive future ahead of them. The team is led in part by Junior captain Jordan Larsen. Larsen, a Civil Engineering major, has already earned respect in the wrestling community by garnering numerous top three finishes and advancing to the National Championships in his freshman year. On Wednesday, when the Orediggers toppled Adams State, Larsen led the way, placing second in the 153lb weight class. For his success and performance in his career, Larsen is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

SHC Reconsiders Ezine

The Student Health Center is considering unsubscribing from the ezine it began offering two weeks ago. “When we subscribed,” explained SHC’s administrative official Heather Turett, “we expected some level of professionalism and maturity. What we got was thinly-veiled shame alchemy disguised as medicine.” The “shame alchemy” that concerned Turett was an article called “Choosing Parenteral Nutrition”, which interviewed college students practicing a food-free lifestyle (FFL).

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