Delta Days = No days off from School

Amongst all of the fervor for science on the Colorado School of Mines Campus, students only enjoy one thing more than their academics, and that is a day off from school. Whether it is an infrequent snow day or President’s Day, Mines robots need that break from work so they can recharge their batteries. The question is why the student body does not get Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day off? After much digging and a little investigative journalism, the Oredigger staff has found the solution.

DeltaDays are special events that take place on the Mines campus, and while many talks and discussions are held with many different groups that promote a wonderful diversity at CSM, they do not explain why the school does not receive a holiday off in the beginning weeks of January. The answer, though, lies in a proud Mines tradition: the Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day cake. This cake is a delicious symbol of Mines and the campus’ understanding of equality, diversity, and civil rights. The cake represents equality because it is offered to every student and every student may have an equal portion of cake. The cake is diverse because it contains different flavors because not every student has the same taste in cake. The cake represents civil rights because all students at CSM have a right to that cake.

Now, as to why the students have to come to school on MLK day. This is because the school knows that the students would not show up to school if they did not have to, so there would be no one to eat the cake on MLK day and this tradition would swiftly end. This is why CSM does not have a school holiday on MLK day.

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