A music sampler

Regardless of the listener’s level of music knowledge, it is always fun to hear a new beat or a song that has not been heard in a while during a short music break during studying. Whatever the reason for listening to music, this week’s music spotlight features several artists of varying rates of obscurity, all of which can be found on YouTube or other popular sites.

Soul/ Funk – “Hung Up on My Baby” by Issac Hayes. This song was originally released on the 1974 album Tough Guys, soundtrack to the movie “Three Tough Guys.” While no one really cares about the movie, the song truly is a classic. By definition, funk music is a blending of blues, soul, heavy base, vocal-rhythmic styling, and sugar. “Hung Up on My Baby” really is a textbook 70s funk music song. It is not a fast beat or complicated song at all. Rather, it is a slow, uncomplicated compilation that almost penetrates the soul and hits one at the core. Many people portray what they are feeling at any one moment by the music they listen to. When one is sad or joyous, music preferences change. It is with this song that one can almost feel Issac Hayes’s soul lashing out and crying over his lost love. It is this aspect and the fantastic beat of the song that has led to artists such as The Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, and The Notorious B.I.G. to sample the song for portions of their work.

When I Was a Kid… – “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65. The first thing that comes to mind is why on God’s green earth did this song become popular? Oh that’s right… It actually is kind of chill… While in no way can this song be compared to something like Mozart, in its own right it is a classic; one of those songs that was heard “When I Was a Kid.” The song sounds like something out of a late 90s European dance club and has a fairly good dance beat. For extra excitement, watch the original music video for the song.
Pop – “Hold It Against Me” by Britney Spears. Many believed that Britney Spears’ days of making music that did not beg to be thrown in the trash were over, believing also that she would be stuck as a redneck and questionable parent. Well Britney has proven herself to be Toxic once again with her latest hit “Hold it Against Me.” Unlike most of her previous recordings, “Hold it Against Me” does not sound like a traditional pop song; rather it has more of a dance and dub-step backing and begs to be played in a club. The beat and rave like sound of the song make it a pretty complete work that should not be overlooked.

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