Community Spotlight: Denver International Airport/Shadow government world headquarters

Whether you’re travelling for business or vacation, or submitting to the rule of the New World Order, DIA is the place for you. While some might say it is a world-class airport built for a growing major city, others counter that is in fact the headquarters of the Masonic Shadow Government, and the site of their secret underground concentration camp. And that state-of-the-art efficient baggage handling system? Run by child slave labor, obviously.

The evidence of DIA’s sinister nature first came to light in the mid-1990s, when Alex Christopher, a grandmother from Alabama, came to Denver for a conference on the New World Order. After seeing DIA and meeting with several airport employees, she became convinced that strange things were afoot and wrote a book on her theories, called Pandora’s Box. Chief among her evidence are the murals of Leo Tanguma, which depict children of all races and nationalities overcoming tyranny, preserving endangered species, and forging swords into plowshares – all obvious symbols for the encroaching authority of the United Nations. Tanguma has, of course, denied these allegations.

Fans of fascism will be glad to know that DIA’s runways are laid out in a vaguely swastika-like shape. And members of fraternal organizations with ties to the Illuminati will surely enjoy the time capsule (actually a UFO beacon) embedded in the main terminal’s capstone, which was provided by the Freemasons and the New World Airport Commission, a shadowy organization that organizes conspiratorial ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new American airports. Select members of the Armed Forces also receive discounts on travel to and from DIA through the tunnels linking the airport to the US Air Force Academy and NORAD headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Denver International Airport/Shadow Government World Headquarters truly has something for everyone, unless you happen to be one of the five billion people destined for genocide or enslavement when the New World Order comes to power after the Mayan apocalypse of 2012. Until then, happy travels!

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