Celebrity trial coverage

The unemployment rate is hovering at 9.1%, America is over $14 trillion in debt, every major city is currently being occupied by its own citizens in protest, and yet the majority of the American public are more concerned with what happens to Conrad Murphy and Lindsay Lohan.

With their recent trials and convictions, Michael Jackson’s former doctor and the infamous actress have received just as much press as any other news. So the question would seem to be, “Why does the news media focus on the trials of these people as much or more than other issues?” The answer is one word – ratings.

America loves drama, and these court cases provide the perfect stage. It is like “Boston Legal” but in real life. Sadly, William Shatner is not the over-the-top defense attorney in this real life drama, but it still seems to provide plenty of entertainment for the masses.

To be fair, reporting on the Conrad Murray trial was understandable. The jury convicted him of involuntary manslaughter for administering the lethal dose of propofol that lead to Michael Jackson’s death. It makes sense for some coverage of the trial to take place; after all, Michael Jackson was one of the best-known singers of all time. The amount of coverage of the six-week trial, however, was ridiculous. Every other day, there was a new headline about what had happened in the court room. The media coverage was excessive, to say the least.

Even worse, though, is Lindsay Lohan. Every few weeks it seems something else happens, whether she is being released on probation, violating her probation, or most recently being featured in Playboy, this celebrity cannot remain out of the news. In fact, the obsession has reached the point that artist Pitbull referenced Lindsay Lohan in one of his songs saying, “I gotta locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”

Wake up, America. There are much bigger issues than what happens on a day to day basis in a celebrity trial or what Lindsay Lohan is up to. High school contained enough drama to last a life time and this country really does not need more.

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