Minds at Mines – Winter Break

With the end of the fall semester rapidly approaching and finals just a week away, perhaps the only thoughts keeping students focused are those about the three weeks of winter break. After high pressure tests, time off is both necessary and well deserved. Winter break provides opportunities for travel as well as rest and relaxation and is key to recharging for the spring. To see what CSM students are anticipating during the time off, Minds at Mines asks, “What are you planning on doing during winter break?”

Nicole Gruber
“I am planning on going snowboarding and hanging out with family. I will also not be doing anything with school. Having a month of time away from school and roommates will help me to recharge for next semester.”

Minn Minn Jitsanguan
“I plan on playing copious amounts of Skyrim and getting over the depression of finals with the help of a few beverages.”

Colby Renfro
“I definitely have a plan. I will be selling beanies from my premier beanie franchise to unprepared people who have cold heads and didn’t buy them during the summer.”

Chad-Prescher Chad Prescher
“I will be going home and spending a lot of time relaxing and enjoying my time off. I am going to try to pick up a job to make a bit of cash during the holiday.”

Stefan Whiting
“I will go home, sit in my onesie, drink hot chocolate, and occasionally go ice fishing.”

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