Minds at Mines: Spring Break

After a grueling set of midterms, spring break provides a respite from the rigors of school. With one week off from classes, the break is wide-open for travel and activities. Whether it is by taking a trip to warmer climates, skiing in the Rockies, or just staying at home and getting some well deserved rest, everyone has a plan for spring break. To see what students are doing for their breaks, this week, Minds at Mines asks, “What are your plans for spring break?”

Preston Wierzba
I am planning on getting my wisdom teeth out. I don’t know how long it will take to recover, but I would also like to ski maybe three times.

Matt-Adams Matt Adams
I will be working on homework, projects, and thesis work. This isn’t much different from every other spring break. I just use them to do a lot of work.

Anna Padget-Shields
I will be sleeping and trying not to do anything. Spring break is a time to recharge and relax.

Tyler-Cooper Tyler Cooper
I am not planning on going anywhere or doing much, but if I could, I would like to go to a beach where it isn’t windy or cold like it is in Golden.

David Bicknase
At the start I will be going on a mission trip to Denver to volunteer at food banks and clean some neighborhoods up. During the second half I will spend time with my mom and then get back to homework and studying for tests.

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