Minds at Mines: Joining the Circus

As the semester draws to a close and sunshine and warm weather make staying inside during class increasingly difficult, the thought of leaving the Colorado School of Mines becomes increasingly attractive. The “anywhere but here” mentality is being felt all over campus. This prompted Minds at Mines to ask a rather unusual question this week, “What would you do if you joined the circus and why?”

Kirsten Olson
I would be a tightrope walker because I have had a lot of practice balancing on curbs.

Mallory-Wick Mallory Wick
I would be a clown because I love clowns. They’re awesome and they bring joy to the world.

Fletcher Hunt
I would be a trapeze artist because it would be cool to see a guy as big as me doing flips in the air.

Diamond-Gillis Diamond Gillis
I would fight lions. I am sure I could keep them away. They couldn’t touch me.

Dan Allen
I would be a mild-mannered, rather quiet and British panda tamer, because pandas are wild animals that must be tamed and observed quietly while wearing a pith helmet.

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