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CSM students cross cultures in China

For eleven engineering students at the Colorado School of Mines their journey to China began months before stepping onto a plane. The McBride students had long-anticipated their foreign area study since joining the program as freshman. After years of anthropology, philosophy, economics and engineering courses, the trip was soon to become a reality. Once the destination was chosen, preparations began. During the spring semester the class dedicated three hours a week to the study of Mandarin, Chinese geography, culture and history. By the end of June, the group was ready. Meeting at the Denver International Airport equipped with one carry-on per student, the eleven engineers and lone philosophy professor began their journey.

The stars above Mines; Validating a legacy

There are few things as humbling as learning your place in the cosmos, and arguably no group of men and women understand this better than the brave and noble astronauts. Only a select group of humans have had the chance to journey into space, and even fewer have made the trek to our nearby moon. Yet of the many humans to call earth home, only a lonely dozen individuals have had the privilege to step foot upon our grey and white neighbor. And while unfortunately many of these men have escaped high recognition, one man will always stay in the conscious of humanity- Neil Armstrong.

USG’s first meeting brings change to CSM student government

ASCSM is now USG. During the first meeting of the 2012-2013 school year, ASCSM (Associated Students of the Colorado School of Mines) voted unanimously to change the council’s name to Undergraduate Student Government, or USG for short. The name change comes one year after the undergraduate and graduate student government councils separated into two separate entities working under a joint operating agreement. The resolution was written by the new student body president Matthew McNew with aid from the former Director of Student Activities, Marie Hornickel. McNew explained, “Naming ourselves USG is a progressive move that will help us usher in a new, more competent student government”.

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