Minds at Mines: Favorite class this semester

With only one full week of class remaining before Thanksgiving Break and only one week of class after the break, students are quite familiar with their classes to the point of wanting to be rid of them. The wave of registration last week was a reminder that a clean slate is on its way on a couple months. But while classes are certainly a large part of stress, students still have that class that keeps them interested each semester. This week The Oredigger asked, “What is your favorite class this semester?”

Laser Physics, because you get to make death rays that take over the world.
Justin Brewer

It’s a bad semester to ask that.
Kara Allen

Mikey-Fremming Senior Design because my team is a lot of fun and it’s almost over.
Mikey Fremming

I don’t even know what classes I’m in now…I’d say Heat Transfer because I don’t even know what’s going on.
Taylor Ramos

Jeff-Atkinson I would say Physics Senior Design because other Senior Designs suck in comparison.
Jeff Atkinson

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