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Hydraulic Fracturing: Fact and Fiction

“FrackNation,” a film made in response to the popular HBO documentary “Gasland,” was shown on campus by the Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development, or CRED, a community outreach organization put together by Noble Energy and Anadarko to educate the public about fracking and other industry processes. The film was introduced by Mike Dickinson, from Noble, and Mike Weaver, from Anadarko, both of whom are Mines alumni. Dickinson mentioned that in the last ten years alone the number of CSM students graduating from the petroleum engineering department has increased from thirty to over two hundred. Weaver asserted that the industry is “under a threat” and emphasized the number of jobs created in the state by the oil and gas industry. A panel of CSM professors was held after the showing for community members to ask questions of experts. Many present at the showing were not students, and the auditorium was all but filled to capacity.

Scientific discoveries this week: 3/17/14

Garching, Germany – The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has spotted the largest known yellow star, which has been named HR 5171 A. This star is among the ten largest stars discovered and is more than 1300 times the diameter of the sun. The star is a part of a binary star system where the second star touches the main star. Observations from the past sixty years show that this is a rapidly changing star system. The star is 12000 light-years from Earth and has been growing for the past forty years. Scientists used interferometry to study the star. This technique combines the light collected from many telescopes, which effectively created a telescope 140m in size.


Short Hair, No Cares

“Short Hair, No Cares” has become the motto of Morgan Hall’s 3rd floor after eight of its residents donated their hair to Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths. As of late, the group has been working on finding ways that college students can make a difference in the world on a low budget. Carmella Caltagirone, the Resident Assistant of Morgan 3rd, explained that previously they had done a “day of silence, working on how to change the world as a college student when you don’t have any money”. Now, they continue this trend with the donation of their hair.

The Modern Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes has been brought to life onscreen most recently by the BBC in the popular drama series “Sherlock.” Audiences around the world have been entertained by this 2010 fixture, now at the conclusion of the third season. Benedict Cumberbatch brilliantly stars as Sherlock Holmes with Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson accompanying him on his journeys through London and beyond.


Prince of Persia

In late 2008, Ubisoft released “Prince of Persia,” which was meant to be a reboot of the original series released in 1989. While the later reboot, “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time,” was met with more acclaim, “Prince of Persia” is definitely a game that can stand on its own.


Minds at Mines: Spring Break!

Spring Break comes at the perfect point in the semester to rescue Mines students from the constant homework, exams and projects. It is also a good halfway marker for the semester. Mines jokingly put up on the student activities board, “Don’t get arrested” the week before Spring Break. Hopefully most student’s plans included not being arrested, having fun, and maybe some relaxing. Before students headed off to faraway lands or home a few minutes away, Minds at Mines caught up with a few to ask,”What will have your Spring Break consisted of?”


If/Then: Power of Choices versus Fate

One choice, two lives. “If/Then”, which opens on Broadway on March 30, follows Elizabeth, a 30-something who recently moved back to the Big Apple after a failed, decade-long marriage in Arizona. Elizabeth plans to meet up with an old friend at Madison Square Park to begin her new life in New York City. One friend, Kate, played by Tony award winning actress LaChanze for her role in “The Color Purple,” says Liz returned to the city to find her true love. Another friend, Lucas, played by Broadway veteran Anthony Rapp, believes Beth came to the city to advance her career as an urban planner. In that moment, Elizabeth, played by Tony Award-winning best actress Idina Menzel, must choose whether to follow Kate, becoming Liz and discovering a new love or to follow Lucas and eventually become successful urban planner Beth. What difference does one choice make anyways?

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