Jefferson County’s First 21st Century Library

The Golden Public Library is just across Clear Creek, a quick walk from most of the buildings on campus. It is only about 10 minutes from the Arthur Lakes Library, and yet most people still have not been there. Maybe you are too busy with classes or you aren’t interested in reading books just for […]


‘Absolutely Incredible Kid Day’ Connects CSM with Golden

While the Mines campus is usually crowded with people between the ages of 17 and 25, some special guests changed this ratio for at least one sunny afternoon last month. The Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (AIKD) Carnival, complete with balloons, marshmallow towers, and even a bouncy castle, took place on Kafadar on Saturday, March 21st. […]


New Professor Uses Nontraditional Approach to Lectures

While a traditional college learning setting sees a professor lecturing as students take notes, it is often a “light-bulb moment” of student self-discovery that leaves the largest learning impact. Experiential learning at Mines currently includes guided physics adventures in electricity to active-learning labs in general chemistry; however, a new Mines faculty member will be using […]


Climbing Event Encourages Friendly Competition

On Saturday, March 28th, the biannual climbing competition was held at the SRC rock climbing wall. Months of preparation and a whole week of setting and putting in routes led up to this event. Head route setter, Brandon Conaway, even dedicated his spring break building volumes, which are large geometric features on the wall. Why […]

Student Organizations

Club Spotlight: The Mines Equestrian Team

You might know about equestrian sports from the Summer Olympics, where competitors from around the world challenge each other for the gold. However, for those that are not in the know, the Mines equestrian team rides horses, particularly in the English category of riding. The Mines equestrian team competes within the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association […]

Geek of the Week

Geek of the Week: Jake Larson

Jake Larson, a senior in Geophysics, has a wide variety of talents and hobbies outside of engineering. This month, The Oredigger sat down with Jake and had the opportunity to learn about everything from his favorite rock climbing locations, to his unique plans as a geophysics major, to his tips and tricks for living a […]


Mumford and Sons’ Wilder Mind Electrifies

This past Good Friday morning, 600 tickets were released for a surprise show in Toronto, scheduled for that same evening. Mumford & Sons played their newest album, “Wilder Mind” live for the first time. All but one song from Mumford & Sons’ third studio album was unveiled for the crowd — and only for the […]


Citizenfour: A Glimpse into the Workings of Edward Snowden

Remember the NSA leaks of 2013?  As an average U.S. citizen, what I knew of the NSA scandal was fairly surficial: some Joe named Snowden released information about the NSA unlawfully spying on citizens and corporations. Naturally, the U.S government wasn’t entirely ecstatic about the situation, criminalizing him for espionage.  Channeling his inner exile, Snowden […]


Misfits and Mondays: Eleanor and Park Book Review

Eleanor has a mop of flaming red hair, wears boys’ clothes, and is the very best at reading aloud in her English class. Park is half-Korean, loves reading comic books, and can never quite seem to win the approval of his military father. Neither quite fits into their high school class, but throughout the course […]

Video Games

Art Never Played So Well – Transistor

Innovation in gaming is a beautiful thing in many cases. As with all things in life, the good and the bad come and go with each new concept that passes under programmers’ fingers. But in a world where most triple A titles are filled to the brim with the same chest-high walls and ballistic rifles, […]