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Make the Most of Your Freshman Year

     One month into the start of school and everyone on campus seems to be figuring out how to either be college students again, or for some, figuring it all out for the very first time.       That’s right, first years, we see you, walking with your lanyards around your necks, holding all…


Mines Veterans Alliance Heroes Dinner

     Colorado School of Mines is a historic institution that rooted itself in the story of Colorado long before any of us who currently walk its bricked sidewalks were present. Until the late 70’s, Mines actually required all students to be involved in ROTC, which as we know now, is an optional program for…


Senior Design Connects with the Solukhumbu

     The glacial runoff from the Himalayas has forged its way down and through the Solukhumbu Valley of Nepal, supplying valley members with a valuable resource: water. The Dudh Koshi River has done more than sustain the rural Sherpa communities and their agricultural lifestyles; it has formed a relationship with a group of engineering…


Eating cheap at Mines

     Are you out of meal swipes since you used them on ice cream at Mines Market? Are you sick of making ramen every day? Are you tired of the food at Mines Market? Do you want free food? One of the best ways to find free food on campus is to go to…


Job Offer: PART TIME

     An email is sent to Mines students from a professor’s email address with the subject line “Job Offer PART TIME.” While several recipients alert ITS (formerly known as CCIT), a handful of students press respond, display their interest in the opportunity, and are invited to submit a report and presentation on Global Warming….


We should change this. Incoming freshmen this year faced a particularly hostile M-Climb

The consensus goes that freshmen who don’t endure the M-Climb are not truly Orediggers. The fiery resolve of upperclassmen to stand by the tradition is not unreasonable; afterall, the M-Climb is the quintessential Mines experience. This year, it seemed more like a hazing. My belief is that the climb should revolve around the act of…

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