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Let’s talk about sex

Before skipping to some of the results from the sex survey, you should read this article. We think the survey is interesting, but we think the response to the survey itself was also incredibly important. The goal of the Oredigger this year was to continue to raise its relevance to the student body and the…


The Oredigger goes flying with iFly Denver!

On Friday, October 17, three Oredigger staff members were invited to the Grand Reopening of iFly Denve. Our paper sent three staff members: Connor McDonald (top right), Ronald Kem (middle left), and Lucy Orsi (middle right). At the event, each of our representatives suited up and jumped into their wind tunnel to give indoor sky diving a try!
iFly Denver, formerly known as Skyventure Colorado, is one of 32 iFly facilities operating around the globe. iFly Holdings is based in Austin, Texas and leads the world in the manufacturing, sales and operations of wind tunnel systems for recreational indoor sky-diving, competitive skydiver training and military training. iFly has successfully flown over 6 million flyers.

Improving the Oredigger

The Oredigger Student Newspaper published its first issue in 1920. Since then, the paper has provided a unique forum for students on campus. Over the last ten years, however, the Oredigger has faced some of the same problems that have plagued national papers. Specifically, advertising revenue for the paper has decreased by over 50% since 2009. On top of this, the level of financial support from the school has decreased. In 2009, the paper received approximately $40,000 from the school. Last year, we received just $32,655 during the allocation process.

CSM finds ways to reduce fees for students

Mines is in a bit of an awkward transition phase. Faced with the reality of decreased state financial support, the school has been forced to pass some of these costs onto students while they search for alternative solutions. Finding these alternatives has become one of President Scoggins’ main priorities and the charge of the Colorado School of Mines Foundation.

Marv Kay Field more than just a football stadium

Colorado School of Mines is not a nationally known football school, so when students at the Century Society Dinner Saturday night announced the name for a planned new state-of-the-art football stadium, it raised a few questions about the priorities of the school. Recently, President Bill Scoggins sat down for an interview with “The Oredigger” to explain how this project came to be and to clear up any misconceptions.

The Dark Knight Rises Review

Compared to its predecessor, “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises” is a longer and less appealing film. Among comic book movies it rates fairly high, but ever since “The Dark Knight” and the equally engaging box office hit “Inception,” audiences have come to expect more from director Christopher Nolan. Sadly, his third and final installment in the Batman franchise is lackluster on almost every level, from visual effects and cinematography all the way down to basic plot points.

Music Review: Passion Pit’s ‘Gossamer’

There are few albums that are as good and catchy as Passion Pit’s “Gossamer.” Like Passion Pit’s debut, listeners might tap their feet less enthusiastically once they stop and listen to the lyrics. This was a cute trick on their first album, mainly because the depressing themes in the songs were generally veiled behind clever lyrics that required some work to decipher. On the new album, though, front man Michael Angelakos hits the listener over the head with his depression in every song. If the lyrics were well written and thought provoking, it would be nice to stop dancing and listen to them. They are not, so the best advice to give listeners of this album is to stop thinking about it and keep on dancing.

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