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CSM finds ways to reduce fees for students

Mines is in a bit of an awkward transition phase. Faced with the reality of decreased state financial support, the school has been forced to pass some of these costs onto students while they search for alternative solutions. Finding these alternatives has become one of President Scoggins’ main priorities and the charge of the Colorado School of Mines Foundation.

Peace in Gaza not likely to come soon

The eight days of fighting in Gaza in October marks the latest event in a long history of violence and tension between Israel and the Hamas-controlled territory of the Gaza strip. The region has not seen peace in decades, and while there is currently a ceasefire between the two nations, every day is a reminder that peace is not assured, and any day could mark another volley of rockets, another neighborhood bombed, and more lives lost.

The Season of Shopping

Today’s material society has all but forgotten the meaning of the holiday season. A time once meant for giving and helping others has become the biggest commercial holiday of the year. People stand in lines for hours to get the perfect gifts while ignoring the roots of this all-important time of the year.

This Week in Colorado History: Deaths in the 1890’s

This week in 1900, the Colorado state board of health made its biennial report and also presented data from 1893 to 1900. The report found that from January 1 to October 1, 5,608 people had died in Colorado. One occurred in the 100-110 age bracket, 19 in the 90-100 age bracket, 117 in the 80-90 age bracket, and 1233 in the birth to age two bracket. This year, the report showed that three men died for every two women who died, although there were three females under eighteen to every two males under eighteen. The report also noted 1,150 more males had died than females.

“Lincoln” a holiday gift for history buffs

Steven Spielberg’s newest work, “Lincoln,” is not a civil war movie. It is also not a complete account of the life of the sixteenth president. Viewers looking for either will likely be disappointed. The movie is, however, a generally historically accurate, sometimes humorous, and dark study of Abraham Lincoln, the 13th Amendment, and Lincoln’s efforts to get the House of Representatives to pass that legislation.

Geek of the Week: Rosie Leone, Geophysicist

Geek-of-the-Week-RosieAs the semester starts wrapping up and getting hectic, most students are in a frenzy completing assignments with just minutes to spare, but Rosie Leone remains calm. She does this through the balance of being a sometimes mild-mannered geophysicist, having light-hearted humor, and finding time to do what she loves. “The Oredigger” found time to sit down and talk with Leone about her form of geekiness.

Game Review: Bananagrams

bananaFor those who love the idea of games like Scrabble and Words with Friends, but hate the slow pace and limited creativity of these games, Bananagrams is the game for you. Bananagrams comes in a zip-up pouch conveniently shaped like a banana and features 144 lettered tiles. Unlike Scrabble, there is no board to play on, and no point values associated with the tiles. Alternatively, a player will individually form words as they acquire different letters throughout the duration of play. Bananagrams improves upon Scrabble’s rules by making the rules more lenient and it also allows for groups of people to decide their own game experience.

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