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Concert Review: Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel)

Jeff Mangum returned to Denver for the first time in fourteen years. The legendary singer of Neutral Milk Hotel has been touring this year as a solo act, performing songs from their two studio albums. Denver holds a special place in Mangum’s heart, as it was the location where both of these records were recorded. His performance at the Ogden did not disappoint and reminded fans of what they have been missing for fourteen years.

How I Met Your Mother in a struggle with plot

One of the problems with television is that in order to turn profits, writers are often forced to ruin some of the artistic value of their shows. Certain shows start off with incredible premises and interesting characters, but after six seasons their characters and plots seem to tread water. If the writers pursue character and/or plot development, they risk changing the formula that made the show so successful. This occurs notable in the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.”


Fun. Concert Review

A couple of weeks ago Fun. played a show at the Fox Theater in Boulder. It was one of three stops they made in Colorado, all of which sold out. This was not surprising considering the recent success of the band, but for long time fans it was somewhat disconcerting. The fact that more people are attending their concerts is yet another reminder of the changes they have undergone. It is not that more people like them that make them less appealing, but that their sound has become less distinctive and more crowd-pleasing. The sold out shows are merely a symptom of this. But even the most jaded fan cannot help but loose all inhibitions the second Nate Reuss’s vocal chords tear across the room at their live shows.

Music Review: The Shins, Port of Morrow

The Shins, a band known for bridging the gap between mainstream music and indie music, became a household name when they were first heard in the movie “Garden State.” From that point on, The Shins was no longer referred to as “that band you have probably never heard of.” Normally, when a band crosses this line, the “hipster” community turns on them. Curiously, though, The Shins have managed to maintain a balance between both of these parties. The music from The Shins encompasses so many musical tastes, few dislike them. Something in their music speaks to every listener. For this reason, when lead singer James Mercer kicked all of the old members out of the band and brought in an entirely new line-up for the fourth Shins album, the world was worried.

Parks and Recreation vs. The Office

When “Parks and Recreation” debuted four years ago, it received faint praise. Created and produced by the people behind “The Office,” the show had a very similar style. The only difference between Steve Carell’s Michael and Amy Poehler’s Leslie was gender, but the television world only allows one Michael Scott. At some point between the first and second seasons though, Greg Daniels heard the world’s complaints and made some changes.

Music Review: Fanfarlo, Rooms Filled with Light

In “Rooms Filled with Light,” Fanfarlo presents an entirely different sound than in their first album, “Reservoir.” The first track, “Replicate,” contains many of the same prevalent strings as some of the tracks from “Reservoir,” but the song teeters with vocals that break out from that routine. For another band, this could result in a song that spends the whole time building towards an explosion, but burns out before it gets there. Instead, Fanfarlo uses it as a launching point for the album. Listeners cling to Simon Balthazar’s voice as he leads them into the next song, “Destruction,” which begins with the same synthetic start as some of the songs from “Reservoir.” It then busts into some surf rock mixed with ’80s style pop. Needless to say, “Destruction” resonates as the catchiest song on the album.

ASCSM discusses key campus issues during student election debates

This week elections will be held for the 2012-2013 ASCSM student government. To prepare for the election the Oredigger hosted a debate between two of the three student body presidents, Mattew McNew and Erin Nawacki. The night started out with a few lighthearted questions that were answered by both the presidential candidates and the candidates for Vice President (Tyler Cooper) and Board of Trustees Representative (Stephanie Bonucci), who are running unopposed. The panel agreed that the Broncos acquisition of Peyton Manning was a good thing, and that you should always dunk your Oreos. After a few more fun questions, the event moved onto the debate between the two presidential candidates.

E-Days Preview: Concerts

Friday night’s “Light the Night Dance Party” features a line-up of electronic remix and mash-up bands. Four bands will be featured, each with a unique style that should keep fans entertained and dancing. In a bit of local respect, the opening bands, Catalina Rhyme Mixers and SkywA, both feature students who attend Mines.

Skyler Waggoner will take the stage as the creative mind behind SkywA, and Cooper Newby will perform as one half of the two-man group Catalina Rhyme Mixers. Waggoner is relatively new to the genre, but should provide a fresh performance. Catalina Rhyme Mixers has been mixing together for a while now, and they have played at quite a few college frat houses. This should make them well prepared for the task of entertaining college students with their music.

Will Ferrel y “Casa de mi Padre”

As his popular “Zoolander” character Mugatu would say, Will Ferrel is “So hot right now,” or “muy caliente, as he would say in “Casa de mi Padre.” His Television show “Eastbound and Down” returned for its third season, his website welcomes thousands of new viewers everyday, his summer film line-up includes a movie with…

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