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This Week in Colorado History: Profit-seeking firms

Everyone has, at some point in time, received mail addressed to someone else. Often, such receipts merit a short gripe about the person who mailed the item or the postal service in general. This frustration is as old as the postal service, according to The Colorado Transcript, which reported on an event entitled “Better Mailing Week” in its February 14, 1924, issue. The event was to take place from February 18 to 25 and encourage “chambers of commerce, boards of trade, large business and industrial enterprises, and the press of the country” to update mailing lists and to have “every check placed against the possibility of letters reaching the postal system without accurate addresses.”

Tech Break: Gogo inflight WiFi

I’m writing this article from a relatively exotic location (Orlando, Florida) with a relatively exotic computer (Google’s Cr-48). I am here for work-related reasons (partial internship), and as a result, had someone pick my flight for me. The flight to here, powered by US Airways, has in-flight WiFi, so I will review that in this article.


Snowmen strike on Kafadar

It is late Friday afternoon, and many students are hurrying off of campus to weekend activities, but Kevin Barry, sophomore physics major, is working furiously on a snow sculpture on Kafadar Commons. The sculpture consists of three alto-relievo snowmen holding signs in silent protest. The signs say, “NO V = IR.” Two bas-relief snowmen stand behind them offering quiet support.


Music Review: Hindershot, It’s Only Blood

Hindershot, like many groups from our fine city, exists within a context of intersecting musicians and styles. While half of the group plays for alter-ego band Amazing Twin, Hindershot is lead-man Stuart Confer’s chance to take the limelight. Their songs are perhaps more focused, nostalgic, and slightly reminiscent of “yacht rock” groups from the 70’s and 80’s. Overall their sound can be described as modern indie-pop; everything has a touch of reverb and the drums don’t stray far from a dance-able four-on-the-floor beat.

Music Spotlight: Human feelings and music

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” – Ludwig van Beethoven. It is almost universally held that music, be it classical, hip-hop, rock, or any other genre, affects one on a deeper level than just “sounds going into the ears.” In ancient Egyptian culture, music was used heavily during celebrations and religious ceremonies. One of the major instruments used was an instrument called a Zummara, a simple flute made from two pieces of reed. This seemingly random fact brings to light the fact that while most commercially produced music today is produced using an array of music instruments and editing techniques, it does not claim to be a “higher version” of music. Rather, music made in both ancient and contemporary times is really another expression of art that does not necessarily have a definitive form or genre. The difference is one’s subjective view on the genre based on how the music speaks to each individual. While this week’s musical spotlight is not on ancient compilations and sounds, it features a couple of songs from diverse genres that may “speak” to the listener.

The Princess Bride: Box-office bust turned cult classic? Inconceivable!

One of the most well-loved romantic adventure stories of the last two decades, “The Princess Bride” offers a wonderful blend of comedy, action, intrigue, and, of course, love. “The Princess Bride,” which opened initially in 1987, did not do very well in theaters, but received very favorable reviews from critics. Since then, it has become a cult classic and is considered one of the best romantic adventures of the last two decades.


Faculty Spotlight: Sam Romberger

While some may consider older teachers inferior to the newer generation of faculty, it is professors such as Dr. Sam Romberger in Geology and Geological Engineering that prove these short-sighted hooligans wrong. Recently, “The Oredigger” sat down with this esteemed member of the faculty to find out what he is up to between his still impressive dedication to the students.


Cooking Corner: Deep fried Oreo Cookies

Cooking Corner continues this week with food that will feel amazing while being eaten, but make the body cringe with disgust. This week’s deep fried food of the week is a deep fried Oreo. This treat is a staple at many state fairs like the Texas State Fair, and with a little preparation, this food can be quite easy to prepare. The following ingredients are required:

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