Cooking Corner: Great flavors meet guilty pleasures

When it comes down to the most unhealthy foods in the world, bacon remains on the top of the chart. Despite being fatty, greasy, and full of red meat, bacon remains unmatched for great flavor and total artery clogging at the end of the feast. As the saying goes, “You only live once,” and with this one life, why not splurge from time to time and make bacon as unhealthy as possible by deep frying it? Chicken fried bacon is this week’s food of choice. One might say, “What do you eat chicken fried bacon with?” The answer is simple. It can be consumed at any meal with any food. It makes an amazing appetizer for any kind of meal. Chicken fried bacon and pancakes, chicken fried steak, or just a hamburger. Almost anything goes well with chicken fried bacon.

The ingredients are simple and quite affordable:
Bacon – one package
Eggs – 3 large
Flour – 1-3 cups
Oil – one bottle

With these ingredients, the process to creating the best appetizer ever is below.

Step 1: Gather 3-4 plates and begin to heat the oil in a frying pan or fryer (Make sure the oil is at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 400 degrees Fahrenheit is best).
Step 2: Fill one plate with flour completely and fill another plate with whipped eggs.
Step 3: Take the bacon and coat it in the flour, then put the flour-covered bacon into the egg, and once it is fully covered, the bacon goes back into the flour.
Step 4: Place the bacon into the pan or the fryer.
If cooking with a pan, allow about 3-4 minutes per side of bacon        
If cooking with a fryer, allow for 6-8 minutes of frying time        
Step 5: Once the bacon is done cooking, remove it from the oil and place it onto a paper towel on one of the prepared plates. (It is important to get as much oil off as possible to achieve the crunchiest bacon.)
Step 6: Turn off the oven/fryer and enjoy the bacon.

Chicken fried bacon goes great with white cream gravy. The cook can also choose to season the flour with salt and pepper or other herbs and spices.

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