Geek of the Week: Ben Musson, Senior, Electrical

As students at this school know, life at Mines can be, at times, just a little bit difficult. Occasionally, the workload around here can cause people, especially freshmen and sophomores, to question whether it is possible to actually make it through the school. Luckily, there are people like the Electrical Engineering super-senior Ben Musson to remind the rest of the population that as rough as life at Mines is, it’s not impossible and it is worth the time and effort it takes.

[Oredigger]: Why did you decide to go with Electrical Engineering?
[Musson]: Initially, I was a Comp. Sci… but I had more fun with hands-on stuff. Also, I realized I don’t have the patience to debug code.

What’s the coolest thing about your major?
When things are done improperly, sparks fly.

What’s your favorite class and why?
Human systems because I like history.

Do you consider yourself a geek and why?
Yes. A geek is someone who obsesses over one thing to the exclusion of all societal distractions and I do that by memorizing the weapons specifications of various sci-fi universes.

How would you respond in the event of a hostile alien invasion force landing at Mines?
[I would] grab my gun and take the nearest tactically defensive location on campus.

What are some of your greatest or favorite accomplishments?
Surviving Mines. Don’t ask how.

What’s your favorite thing about Mines?
The ability to have the various nerd conversations. Comparing various universes and such. Always fun.

What’s your least favorite thing about Mines?
There’s never enough spots in the LAIS courses… or never enough LAIS courses period.

If you could be dropped into any fictional universe or setting, what would it be and why?
Star Wars, because I love the Mandalorians.

Do you have any plans for the future?
Get a job in the power field somewhere as a field engineer. Screw designing.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying?
“When you don’t know what’s happening, what’s happening is always bad.” – translated from Mando’a.

Do you have any advice to fellow geeks and Mines students?
Never compromise your principles.

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