Daily Archives: September 2, 2012

Campus research sets sights on wireless technologies

As the global community becomes increasingly digitized, there is another feature of the technological revolution on the rise – wireless systems. CSM’s Tracy Camp is overseeing a research group to study and develop these systems. From predicting avalanches and dam failures to “real mobility data,” this group of students is utilizing their knowledge of computer science to solve problems in both the lab and the world. “The Oredigger” met with the group to ask a few questions about their research.

The stars above Mines: Validating a legacy

There are few things as humbling as learning your place in the cosmos, and arguably no group of men and women understand this better than the brave and noble astronauts. Only a select group of humans have had the chance to journey into space, and even fewer have made the trek to our nearby moon. Yet of the many humans to call earth home, only a lonely dozen individuals have had the privilege to step foot upon our grey and white neighbor. And while unfortunately many of these men have escaped high recognition, one man will always stay in the conscious of humanity- Neil Armstrong.

This Week in Colorado History: Railroad Celebration

Golden residents prepared to celebrate the coming of the Colorado Central Railroad this week in 1870. In a meeting held at Harrison’s Hall, several men gave remarks before a committee was appointed to appoint another committee to “arrange programme” for a celebration of the railroad’s impending arrival. “The Colorado Transcript” expressed that it was “pleased to see a goodly number of ladies present, who seemed to take a lively interest in the matter.”

Game Review: Uniwar HD

This week’s game is a combination of “Risk” and “Draw Something.” Uniwar HD, a turn-based strategy game available on iOS and Andriod platforms, consists of a mini domination game with a 21-level campaign and multiplayer with three available races – sapiens (the human race), the Khraleans (the stereotypical space bug), and the Titans (the technologically advanced humanoid aliens).

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