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Alara: Chapter 12

So far on Alara…

In the mid twenty-second century, Earth suffered a plague as a result of trying to genetically create the perfect super-soldier. Desperate to survive, the remainder of humanity fled to underground caves. One such colony was near an Air Force base where they were constructing a rocket to leave the planet. A lottery system was set up and for years, people gathered with the hope of hearing their name called. One day a mechanic named Chloe, plagued by nightmares of another world under attack by aliens, is exploring the many tunnels when she finds a way to the outside. She finds the Air Force base and learns about the terrible creatures called the Balor. After nearly being killed by one, Chloe returns to the caves and demands the truth from her father. A few days later, Chloe mysteriously wins the lottery. Already suspicious of the mayor, she tries to escape when her brother Oliver captures her and brings her to a secret testing facility. The Mayor has decided all of the lottery winners are to be tested on and will continue to be tested on as humanity reaches for new worlds to conquer.


Mines volleyball goes 4-0 on the weekend

The Lady Orediggers returned to the court last weekend, taking on Incarnate Word, Arkansas-Fort Smith, Dallas Baptist, and Tarleton State. The Orediggers swept their first two matches Friday, dominating Incarnate Word by scores of 25-19, 25-14 and 25-22, and getting the job done 25-20, 25-23 and 25-20 against Arkansas-Fort Smith. Mines had great contributions offensively from senior Jackie Stabell who defended her RMAC preseason player status, totaling 26 kills Friday evening. Senior Anna Padget-Shields totaled 19 kills, and sophomore Sarah Pekarek totaled 17. On defense, Hannah Margheim led the team Friday with 23 digs.

Scientific discoveries this week: 9/3/12

Bristol, England – The shape of a beer glass may have an impact on how fast one empties it, according to a study of “social beer-drinkers” in the United Kingdom. Angela Attwood, a University of Bristol experimental psychologist, organized a study in which self-identified social drinkers were given equal amounts of a lager beer and asked to drink it while watching a nature documentary. One group was given the lager in a curved beer flute, while the other group was given the beer in a straight glass. Attwood observed that the group with the straight glasses finished the 354 mL of beer they were given in an average of 13 minutes, while the drinkers who were given the beer in the curved flutes finished the 354 mL in less than 8 minutes. While the study is not entirely conclusive, Attwood points out, it does show that people have difficulty gauging how fast they are drinking when the glass is curved.

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