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The Sandwich Vignettes

It was during World War I, and Officer Hubert Chambers sat miserably in a muddy trench under a grey sky. The customary barbed wire had been placed, and several bodies sat out across the field, that no-man’s land no one person dared cross alone, yet were willing to do for things like “honor” and “country” when their regiment went with them toward certain death. Another soldier, Michael Miller, crawled up to where Officer Chambers sat, holding a partially eaten butter and cheese sandwich. Chambers slapped the sandwich out of Miller’s clammy hands.

The Stars Above Mines: An Introduction to Telescopes

A simple set of binoculars can be the most versatile tool in an astronomer’s collection. Inevitably, every amateur will reach their breaking point and the idea of not having a reliable telescope becomes too harrowing to go on without one. This is a critical point in each astronomer’s journey and the choice of a telescope can make or break a star party. Before plunging into the world of telescopes, there is one major warning to get out of the way. Telescopes are finicky, and unless an amateur has had ample time using another telescope, the first few nights will be disappointing to say the least. There is an extreme learning curve, but with patience comes brilliant stargazing.

Rumor has it: Swimming pool

Every freshman wanders around campus hoping to unearth some long-forgotten secret of Mines. As with all commonly known facts, with time they can turn to legend. The rumor of the week seems to have taken that turn towards myth. Buzzing its way across campus, too few truly know the truth of this rumor that leaves the rest of us confused and befuddled.

Easy Listening Review

Music Review: A compare and contrast of two easy listening electronic albums

Albums that fall under the umbrella of “easy listening” are criminally difficult to analyze. All but the rarest of the rare follow any sort of progression beyond the idea that music should be calming enough to subdue even the most troubled of souls. To add to the difficulty of the easy listening genre is the sub-genre of electronic easy listening. Throw in a few DJs, some repetitive background beats and suddenly what was originally a simple task becomes a tranquil sisyphean nightmare.

Movie Review: Don Jon

It’s Friday night, classes have just wrapped up for the week, and the night is young. Of all the different possible activities to do for fun, watching yet another romantic comedy may not seem that appealing. However, this film certainly stands out from the stereotypical date movie.


Geek of the Week: Ryan Stewart

A true geek can be hard to define. Is it a person who cannot seem to understand social norms? Someone who wears thick glasses and actually knows where to get a pocket protector, or, perhaps, a person who just finds things that they love and stays really enthusiastic about those things. Well, the true definition is something that nerds can and will argue about for all eternity, but it is known that whether he is seen passionately discussing the latest Marvel affairs, developing his theatrical skills, or just hanging around and watching the Discovery Channel, senior Ryan Stewart definitely fits somebody’s definition of a geek.

Gear Review: Sony HDR CX230 Camcorder

For the average person with a smartphone, such as Apple’s iPhone or any other similar product on the market, purchasing a dedicated video camera will never be necessary. The video qualities on most phones people have is fairly respectable and videos can be directly uploaded to the internet straight from the phone. Despite all this convenience, for other people wishing to take on more involved video projects, the CX220 and the CX230 give a great deal of power and really cool features other multipurpose devices cannot offer.

Game Review: Faster Than Light

FTL, or Faster Than Light is a real time strategy PC game with one-on-one space combat. The product of indie developer Subset Games, FTL hands the player a spaceship, a crew, and a mission to traverse across several dangerous sectors of space to link up with and provide information to the Federation fleet while trying to stay one step ahead of the pursuing Rebel fleet.

Callan brings passion for teaching to Mines

“How hard is the test?” an anxious Physics I student asked Professor Kristine Callan the week before the course’s first exam. “Well, I took it last night and got a C+,” Callan replied. The class went silent. Then anxious murmurs arose. “Guys, I’m just kidding. I haven’t taken it yet,” Callan said and nervous laughter filled the room. Though perhaps slightly cruel, witty responses is one of the many ways Callan both teaches and amuses her physics students.

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