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Colorado Symphony Orchestra

In modern culture, classical music remains an unfamiliar genre of entertainment that most young adults do not partake in. While the pieces the Colorado Symphony Orchestra performed last Friday are over hundreds of years old, the life, energy, and passion Denver’s own orchestra interjects into these age-old compositions truly brings the music to life.



Almost everyone reading this has had to go through the college admissions process. For many, the admissions process is the happiest day of their life, and for others it is one of the worst. Trying to figure out “the secret” to acceptance is the basis for the application and the movie “Admission.” Admission is a movie staring Tina Fay and Paul Rudd, directed by Paul Weitz. The movie is about an initially heartless Princeton admissions officer, Portia Nathan. She believes she has the perfect life, no kids, english-professor long-term boyfriend and almost at the top in the admissions office.

Cooking Corner: Black Forest layer cake

A Black Forest layer cake is sweet, tangy, delicious and everything in between. Devil food chocolate sheet cake is held together by layers of cherry glaze, creating a tingling sensation on the tongue. Dark chocolate icing graces the exterior, complimenting the varying palate with a smooth finish. Adding nuts can satisfy the sweet and salty lovers as well as putting an interesting twist on a cake. Originating in Germany, this modern adaption has been simplified to meet the average college student’s time and budget. The recipe serves many, so make sure to prepare for a lot of hungry friends!

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