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Athletes of the Week: Jacob Juett and Trevor Braun, Soccer

The Men’s Soccer team’s season ended eight days ago at the hands of Midwestern State University, and now the team looks ahead to the off-season to prepare for another crack at success in the fall of 2011. However, for two particular members, the story is a little different. Senior captains Jacob Juett and Trevor Braun have completed their career and look to their post-soccer future. However, to merely pass over these two players and move onto next year would be a huge mistake. It was these two captains who helped to lead and guide the Orediggers to one of the best seasons in program history. During the 2010 campaign, the team posted its best record ever, its first NCAA tournament victory and the first CSM squad to be ranked number one in the nation. And while the team was composed of 23 players besides Juett and Braun, the seniors created a winning atmosphere that was respected by coaches and players alike. “Trevor and Jacob did a great job of being captains,” coach Frank Kohlenstein complimented, “and they have mirrored our philosophy on and off the field.”


Geek of the Week: Kevin Tornes, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

This week’s GOTW, or more accurately, “Greek of the Week,” is a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, an Air Force ROTC participant, and a major geek. Kevin Norbert Tornes is beginning his sophomore year and his third semester at the Colorado School of Mines. He is an avid board game aficionado and genuine lady’s man. The following interview between “The Oredigger” and Mr. Tornes was eventful one to say the least.

This Week in Colorado History November 29 – December 5

Colorado School of Mines faculty have always been involved in research on our campus. December, 1874, was no different, as the Colorado Transcript published a letter from the then Territorial School of Mines Prof. E. J. Mallet to William N. Byers. The letter discussed Mallet’s opinions on descriptions of coal as he proposed, “To give up entirely the term lignite as a special class name.” Feeling that the confusion caused by referring to Colorado mineral fuel as a class was unnecessary, he requested replacing the general use of the term lignite with specific use of lignite, caking bituminous, non-caking bituminous, and anthracite. Mallet explained that “the above classification draws sharply a line of demarcation between coals and, as it depends on physical as well as chemical properties, it clearly expresses their relative characteristics.”

Parent’s Weekend 2010: They came, they saw, they fed us

The holiday season is fast approaching, and seemingly one of the more memorable holidays for college students is Parents’ and Family weekend. While it’s not an official holiday by any means, nor even a bank holiday (though the local utilities did take off Thursday for Veterans Day), the “gifts” of food and the good company fit in well with the big time players, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. 


Music Review: Bassnectar

Music styles vary all across the Colorado School of Mines campus. Many students listen to the basic types such as hip-hop, country, metal, rap, oldies, and rock. However, DJ song mixing and techno is beginning to take over many iPods and CD players around campus. Bassnectar is an entertaining and exciting DJ and songwriter that has recently become very popular.

Movie Review: Deathly Hallows part one leaves fans wanting more

As the final chapter in the Harry Potter saga, the Deathly Hallows serves to remind the viewer that, in life, things often have to get much worse before they get better. Eminently dark and foreboding of evil, this first part to the last book in the massively popular Harry Potter series makes you wish that Warner Brothers had just gone ahead and released both parts at once, just so you didn’t have to watch everything go so horribly wrong for Harry and not have any happiness to balance it out.

Community Spotlight: Mannie and Bo’s

Feeding the City of Golden since 1988, Mannie and Bo’s Pizzeria serves amazing calzones, pizzas, and offers to Mines students and the community as a whole. Featuring homemade dough, sauce, sausages, and meatballs, Mannie and Bo’s ensures that anyone who eats at their restaurant leaves happy and satisfied. Plus, their prices are actually quite reasonable especially with all of the benefits that they bestow upon Mines students.

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