The Electoral College

The Electoral College, the body of 538 delegates who vote for the president in December, the body created by the constitution, is inherently undemocratic. There I said it, but before you start burning effigies hear me out. We fervently believe in democracy, because it is what makes our country so amazing. We have a society…

Jojo Clark

Costume Culture

To an egomaniacal prepubescent animal, Halloween is sacred. I recall crafting costumes for the entire month of October, placing financial and creative demands upon my nuclear family. I truly became the monster I sought to mirror. Like an amateur method actor, I embodied my character in both behavior and attire on Halloween day. Given my…

Election Season Filled with Scandal

The moral of this election is don’t use email. Clinton’s email server has been a huge talking point this election, on grounds of cybersecurity and transparency. The FBI is correct in pointing out the “gross negligence” of a private server. The FBI found 113 emails containing classified information, of which 3 had classification markers, and…

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