Expand Major Options

Mines is expanding. This year alone, 200 more freshmen were admitted than the residence halls can handle, forcing triple rooms on every floor. Acceptance and enrollment rates will only continue to grow, but the school’s current capabilities and options likely won’t keep up. It will fall behind unless the school expands with its growing student…

Separation of Entertainment and Politics

Jimmy Kimmel’s politically charged monologues on healthcare and gun control have garnered many millions of viewers according to YouTube. He presents quite emotional cases for why we need the government to take action. It is not uncommon to hear of late night comedians going viral for their political monologues, proving there is a certain level…


Homecoming Lecturer: Michio Kaku

Full disclosure, this is the opinion of this journalist and is not reflective of the opinion of the Oredigger as an organization nor the opinion of this journalist as a student of the Colorado School of Mines. There is an art to an interview; a good interviewer has five articles worth of questions before showing…

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