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Tech Break: CenturyLink and Qwest

About a week ago, you may have received a card in the mail from Comcast spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt for the uninitiated) about Qwest’s impending takover by CenturyLink. Vague references were made about being “sold out” to a company that few people in Colorado have heard of, and offers were made for Comcast services to which you don’t subscirbe already. But what is really going on, and what will change when Qwest “goes green” with the CenturyLink takeover?

This Week in Colorado History: Denver from Golden

The city of Denver had a financial meltdown according to the April 11, 1883, issue of “The Colorado Transcript” as the paper reported that the city was “utterly and hopelessly bankrupt.” Although some sympathy was expressed for the employees who were left “in a deplorable condition” by the banks’ decision to not purchase city warrants, the “Transcript” blamed the overall pompous demeanor of the city. “For the last four or five years Denver seems to have been under the impression that she was ‘bigger than all outdoors;’ that New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, were second and third class cities beside her, and her finances have been run on a scale commensurate with that impression,” opined the “Transcript.”

Grill-a-day Fundraiser

The CSM entomophagy club will be holding their second annual Grill-a-day fundraiser this week. The fundraiser will feature a different insect dish for each day of the week, which may be purchased at $2 per plate. “College is a time to try new things,” said club president Vince Holt, “so we’re hoping that students will overcome their cultural taboos and try out the dishes. We’ve got some tasty stuff lined up.”
The Grill-a-day event will be held on Kafadar Commons at lunchtime Monday through Friday of this week. The menu will be as follows:

Morals for your story: 4-11-11

While I was driving back from Christmas break I encountered an icy spot and accidentally slid into a guardrail. At the time I was OK, and so was the guardrail. When I checked the damage it was minimal, however, the dent has gotten a lot bigger recently. I don’t know what happened to make the dent bigger, but I want it fixed. Like many students who live in the dorms, I park my car for a week or so at a time. In that time frame it would be easy to be hit in the parking lot. If I were to tell my insurance company that someone hit me but didn’t leave any contact information, they would cover the cost of repairing the dent. Would it be morally permissible for me to tell a white lie, especially since I’ve paid enough in insurance bills to cover the cost of repair on my own?
–Dent Out of Shape

Tim’s Two Cents: Go Local

The focus of this week’s editorial is certainly nothing new; the “go-local” movement has been around for quite some time. This last week I was reminded of how good we have it in Golden when I visited a local restaurant. Prices were incredibly reasonable, the food was great, the service was friendly, and the business was locally owned. My experience had me thinking about how I choose which goods and services to purchase.


Music Review: Paul Simon’s timeless trip to Graceland

This week we’re going to take a trip back in time. The year is 1986: the Russians have launched Mir, Ronald Reagan is president, the Miami Vice-look still has a stronghold on fashion, and a post-Garfunkel Paul Simon just released a new record titled Graceland. It’s quite unlike anything we’ve heard at the time: a mix of pop, African-influence, zydeco, and a healthy dose of Simon’s knack for stellar songwriting.

The stars above Mines: Rings, moons, and satellites

Very few images taken by satellites can match the serene tranquility of the Saturnian system. The planet itself is fairly unremarkable to look at on most occasions, and were it not for the beautiful set of rings around it, the planet would just be a duller version of Jupiter. Rings are a fine addition to any planet. They are truly surreal – a thin sheet of rock and ice arrayed beautifully away from their parent body. So why is it, given all of their grandeur, that so few people try to understand these features? One will see when you dive into them that they have an intricate relationship to their planet as well as the other satellites that orbit.

Music Review: The Gromet

In the state of Colorado, there are countless small garage bands that are always trying to distinguish themselves from everyone else. Usually, the result of this competition features bands with a slight deviation from a well-known band’s sound, only with different voices and band members. Thankfully, there are bands that exist that do not fit into this persona. The Gromet is a prime example of this. A local Golden band that is fairly popular in the community, The Gromet’s music mixes several different genres, including alternative rock, bluegrass, folk music, and Indie rock.

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