Geek of the Week: Breanna Stranges, Sophomore, Chemical/Biochemical Engineering

Geek of the Week Breanna Stranges is an RA at Thomas Hall, so she gets the rare opportunity to inspire the geekiness of freshmen as they acclimate to Mines. Here, Breanna shared her life adventures with the Oredigger.

What is your major?
“I’m doing Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. I want to work in alternative energy. I’m really excited about field session; I hear it is just great.”

Are there any classes you have really enjoyed at Mines?
“I actually loved Mark Seger’s chemistry class. I learned so many great things: how to explode things, how to make drugs, how to hide dead bodies.”

Do you have a memorable moment from classes?
“Well one time, in Organic Chemistry my professor made a racist Asian joke to help us understand the material. He said, “If you have a drop of solvent like an acid in water, the water is not going to find the acid for a long time. It’s like if you’re in China and you’re trying to find one Chinese person and they all look the same.’”

What are your hobbies?
“Well, I like imitating Saturday Night Live characters. Also, I feed and/or chase squirrels. Getting my hair caught into trees is another hobby of mine. Definitely creating awkward situations is there too. Being awkward in general. That’s pretty much my life in a nut shell. Oh and I like to eat sour patch kids.”

Do have an embarrassing moment you want to share?
“So I was walking and I never look for low hanging branches, because I’m really short. And then something hit me in the forehead, and my hair got stuck in the tree. This guy saw the whole thing and I could tell he really wanted to laugh at me, but he held his composure until he went past. I got untangled and booked it to class. I was pretty impressed with that guy.”

What are you looking forward to in the summer?
“In my last summer of freedom, I might be researching in South Carolina or Alabama for alternative energy. But if that doesn’t work out, then I’ll just be going on a whole bunch of random adventures with my broski’’

What is your favorite movie?
“Harry Potter for sure. I’m really obsessed. On a scale of 1 to ten, where ten is how much I love Blaster, it’s a nine.”

What is something you want changed about Mines?
“I definitely want more kinds of ice cream at the Slate. Duh. We should also change the name of the school. Until I was a junior in high school I thought it was the School of Minds.”

What do you like about being an RA?
“Everything. It’s the best job ever. I can’t even make a joke about this one, I like it so much.”

What clubs or school activities are you involved in?
“I’m in SWE, AIChE, and Sigma Kappa. I just got accepted into Blue Key, it’s a spirit and service organization. And they’re the ones who care of little Blaster. It’s so precious.”

How would your friends describe your personality?
“I just get really excited about everything. Eating at Slate, yes! Class, yay! Three tests in one week, wahoo!!”

What is your dream job?
“I would drive an ice cream truck. Or be an ice cream taste tester if that doesn’t work out. Or I would just be on Saturday Night Live.”

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
“I would want to have super strength because then I could help my poor friend Nabeel Babbit do daily tasks that are currently too much for his weak little baby arms.”

What animal would you like to be?
“I would want to be a penguin because then I would be able to swim, finally. I would want to live in the South Pole with my little penguin friends. And then we could dance and sing all the time. I would be a dancing penguin for sure.”

Any advice for Mines Students?
“Be as awkward as possible when you go home so that way you freak out your friends and family. They’ll be like, ‘What happened to you at school? You lost all your social skills.’”

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