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Alara: Chapter 8

Telloc cleared his throat to say something but before he could, Chloe had already turned and started running down the beach.  She ran as fast as her legs would carry her, controlling her breath as best she could. Only when her heart nearly exploded under the strain did Chloe stop. Hardly able to stay still, Chloe started kicking at the loose sand and punching the air with white-knuckled fists. Losing her balance, Chloe fell on her back and stared up at the clouds lazily drifting across the bright blue sky. Burying her face in her hands, Chloe screamed and cried until her throat felt like sandpaper.

ASCSM discusses key campus issues during student election debates

This week elections will be held for the 2012-2013 ASCSM student government. To prepare for the election the Oredigger hosted a debate between two of the three student body presidents, Mattew McNew and Erin Nawacki. The night started out with a few lighthearted questions that were answered by both the presidential candidates and the candidates for Vice President (Tyler Cooper) and Board of Trustees Representative (Stephanie Bonucci), who are running unopposed. The panel agreed that the Broncos acquisition of Peyton Manning was a good thing, and that you should always dunk your Oreos. After a few more fun questions, the event moved onto the debate between the two presidential candidates.


Rediscovering the tragedy of the RMS Titanic 100 years later

The sinking of the RMS Titanic, the most advanced ship of the day and often called unsinkable, ranks among the most captivating disasters of the early twentieth century. On the cold, clear night of April 15, 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sank below the surface two-and-a-half hours later, coming to rest on the sea bottom over 12,000 feet below. According to most estimates, over 1500 passengers and crew perished in the icy waters that night. As the hundred-year anniversary of the Titanic disaster approaches, modern analytical techniques are bringing new understanding to causes behind the tragedy of the Titanic.


ASCSM Elections

Name: Erin NawackiHometown: Colorado Springs, COCurrent Class (Junior, Senior, etc): SophomoreDepartment: Mining Engineering Campus Activities :-Alpha Phi-SME-ASCSM-Club Tennis-Panhellenic Council Position Running for: Student Body President Why are you running for this position?I am running for Student Body President because I want to help out my fellow Orediggers! Also, I want people to use ASCSM as…

E-Days Preview: Concerts

Friday night’s “Light the Night Dance Party” features a line-up of electronic remix and mash-up bands. Four bands will be featured, each with a unique style that should keep fans entertained and dancing. In a bit of local respect, the opening bands, Catalina Rhyme Mixers and SkywA, both feature students who attend Mines.

Skyler Waggoner will take the stage as the creative mind behind SkywA, and Cooper Newby will perform as one half of the two-man group Catalina Rhyme Mixers. Waggoner is relatively new to the genre, but should provide a fresh performance. Catalina Rhyme Mixers has been mixing together for a while now, and they have played at quite a few college frat houses. This should make them well prepared for the task of entertaining college students with their music.

E-Days Preview: Comedians

The E-pocalypse days have nearly arrived, and the official events begin Thursday, March 29, at 6:30 PM with the annual comedy show in Bunker Auditorium. The show features comedians Andrew Orvedahl and Julian McCullough. They are both funny and entertaining comedians who should put on an excellent show to start off the festivities.

HYDRUS helps model groundwater flow

Even in our technologically advanced culture, groundwater engineering is still one of the more difficult fields to model in engineering. But according to Dr. Jirka Simunek of the University of California at Riverside, the HYDRUS groundwater modeling system is looking to provide answers in this complex area of study.


Minds at Mines: March Madness

Minds at Mines March Madness
Ian Mertz

Compared to sports such as football or baseball, basketball is a high action sport. While the first two may contain plays with flashes of brilliance, the chance of seeing multiple fantastic physical feats in a game of basketball is quite high. It is easy to see then why basketball fans enjoy the game so much. March is a special time of year for basketball fans because of the NCAA Division I National Tournament colloquially known as March Madness. Predicting the tournament winner has become somewhat of a national pastime, so this week, Minds at Mines asks, “Which team do you think will win the division I tournament and why?”

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