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Colorado School of Mines student textbook exchange review

It is the end of the semester and many CSM students have books they do not need anymore. Students want to get rid of them, but the books cost so much money that simply giving them away seems wasteful. There is always the bookstore on campus, but there are also alternative ways for students to exchange textbooks. Set up by two Mines student who needed something to do, the Colorado School of Mines Student Textbook Exchange ( is one alternative to the bookstore and will assist any student with his or her needs.

Holidays at the Astor House

The Astor House was built in 1867 and served as a functional boarding and rooming house until 1971, preserving over a century of Golden’s rich historical influences. Each year, as part of a long-standing tradition, the Astor House Museum in downtown Golden decorates and prepares for holiday festivities. The goal of this event, and the museum in general, is to educate and provide entertainment for all ages. Holidays at the Astor House runs through the entire month of December, and is a great place to take friends or visiting family members. Tour guide and history enthusiast Caitlin Lewis said her favorite part of the Astor House experience is “the ability to walk into all of the unique rooms and being enveloped in the past.”

Headlines from around the world: 12/3/12

President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt granted himself the power to make any decision he sees fit. The power cannot be revoked by any agency or judicial authority until a new constitution is ratified and a new parliamentary election is held. The decree caused riots and protests in Tahrir Square in the capital city of Cairo last week, and tens of thousands of Egyptians are rallying to call for the fall of the regime.

Scientific discoveries this week: 12/3/12

Princeton, New Jersey – Facial expressions are often considered the most precise indicator of emotion in a person, but new studies indicate that our reliance on the face to read emotion in another person is likely to lead us astray. Hillel Aviezer, neurophysicist at Jerusalem University, conducted a study of Princeton University students, which involved showing them pictures of a group of professional tennis players right after they had either won or lost a tennis match. The students were split into three groups of 15 each, and were then showed pictures of the tennis players. The first group of students saw the head-to-toe pictures of the tennis players, the second just the bodies, and the third just the faces. Each student was instructed to rate the emotions in the players from 1 to 9, with 1 being negative and 9 being positive, and 5 neutral. The third group of students, who only saw the athlete’s faces, had trouble correctly identifying the emotion of the player, while the other two groups were correct nearly every time. While this does not mean that facial expressions are not useful in determining emotions, it does indicate that body language plays a significant role in determining the mental disposition of an individual.

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