Presidential search creates opportunity for continued improvements

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Top Yaks at Mines – December 1st, 2014

1. It’s official! I’ve been tobacco free for two years now! 2. Wake Forest University friend- “The worst part about wearing heelys on campus is when the girls get too wet and I hydroplane.” 3. No mom. Everyone failed that test. It’s fine. 4. Me: “At least I’m kinda smart.” Mines: “lol. No.” Me: “Well […]

Entertainment Features

The Mines Student’s Guide to Coffee Houses Near Campus

Higher Grounds Hours: 5:30am to 7:30pm Wifi speed: 41 ms ping, 0.51 Mbps download, 1.21 Mbps upload This cute and cozy coffee shop is a favorite among Mines students and faculty, as customers can be seen reading books on mechanics, debugging code, or chatting about job offers with a hot cup of coffee in hand […]

Scientific Discoveries

Scientific Discoveries this Week – December 1st, 2014

Observations involved with ESO’s VLT (Very Large Telescope) in Chile have revealed a shocking alignment in one of the largest structures discovered in the universe. European research teams have found that the rotation axes of quasars, galaxies with active supermassive black holes at their centers, align themselves with neighboring quasars. Damien Hutsenmekers from the University […]


Movie Review: Love Actually

As the end of the year approaches, good holiday movies are in high demand. “Love Actually” is the perfect romantic comedy for the holiday season. It may be sappy at times, but there are both happy and sad stories in the mix, so there is a little something for everyone. The time around Christmas is […]


Interstellar Movie Review: A Black Hole Experience

“Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.”—Cooper from “Interstellar.” While most movies can easily be categorized as dramas, comedies, or science fiction pieces, Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” transcends categorization while transcending time and space. A mind-blowing experience filled to the brim with astrophysics, this scientific phenomenon is a must-see for any […]

Swimming & Diving

Home Swim Matchup against Colorado Mesa and Northern Colorado

Colorado School of Mines Swimming Team had a tough matchup Saturday, swimming against Colorado Mesa and Northern Colorado. Both the men’s and the women’s teams lost in contested races. Only 5 of the 26 events featured a Mines swimmer finishing in first place. Brennan Mays finished first in the 1650 yard freestyle and 500 freestyle […]

Fiction and Creative Writing

Hidden Remains: Chapter 2: Hazy Skies

He wasn’t sure how long he had been walking. He knew the sun had set at least twice, rising just as many times. He knew there had been no signs of life as he continued walking, oblivious to the animals that had stared at his back after he had passed. He saw smoke in the […]

Video Games

Dishonored Review

Set in a dystopian world that gives off a overwhelmingly steampunk vibe, “Dishonored” challenges its players to bring justice to the corrupted officials of a once functional society. Players are presented with a large variety of methods to play though the game, each requiring differing levels of finesse, patience, and self-control to pull off that […]

World Headlines

Headlines From Around the World – December 1st, 2014

Three people have been transported to the hospital following a shooting at the Strozier Library on Florida State University’s campus. The shooter was a 2005 graduate at Florida State University. At 12:30 am November 20, FSU officers told the shooter to drop his weapon. He fired a shot and campus police shot back, killing him. […]